On representing America well.

 On our second night in Paris, a French cafe was in order! Geeze guys, the Paris cafe's are what DREAMS ARE MADE OF. And when the waiters say bon appetit it actually sounds good, not like the cheesy people at Denny's who say it and sound extremely pathetic. And you will be  happy to know that I did my best to accurately represent the American teenager by texting the entire meal. Nothing like a little American Pride!! Shout out to all my homgirlz, please pass the iPhone.

Spot the Kryn in her silly Paris Hat! It's a fun game to play.
XOXO! And American Teenagers ahoy!

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  1. haha that is the greatest. american teenager reality in paris. ;) I love these black & whites! x


PS: I love your comments. And you. And for that matter, chocolate milk too.