What do Nancy Drew and Steve Jobs have in common? Nothing...until now.
I grew up reading Nancy Drew Mysteries. I'm also a millennial, a product of the Steve Jobs generation. I really shouldn't be surprised that in my 19th year of living, Nancy and Steve are my biggest style inspirations. Why? Let me explain.

Nancy is a classy lady, through and through. She solves crimes in pencil skirts and kitten heels. Though the covers were slightly abstract, I can only imagine she wore pearls and bows and ruffle blouses as well. And while she probably would have scoffed at Steve Jobs sneakers (You and me both, Nanc) there's something to be said about his simplistic style. First of all, a good black turtleneck is a gift from the heavens and a saving grace on "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR" days. And finally, he wore the same thing every day. How boring, but also brave and inspiring. Steve's wardrobe is the epitome of minimal simplicity and wonderful in every way.

Trade the sneakers for kitten heels and you've got yourself my wardrobe inspiration for 2017.



It seems that every year I only get around to writing about Christmas things....a month after Christmas. What can I say, I guess I just love to extend the celebration a bit further! So you can't really be mad at me for that, can you?


Something like that.

Operation: Get Andy to Vandy

This is Andrew and he's the reason I passed all my high school classes. And now he's on his own adventure, applying to Princeton and Vanderbilt and all those places us community college kids only dream of. My fingers are crossed for Andy to end up at Vandy, not only because it rhymes but also because he'll be potentially even closer to me than he is right now (which is only 20 minutes haha.)

We decided to shoot the day before school began, as kind of a last hurrah before the beginning of our final semester at home. I'm glad I've got to spend a lot of my childhood and teenagehood with Andrew because he's kind of the best.

(you should have seen his Facebook post on my birthday! It made me cry...and made everyone else think we were dating.)


If you could have seen how badly I was shaking, you would have thought I was the one who had gotten engaged. But no!  I'm just the overly excited teenage photographer got to watch her  high school idol get engaged.

I mean, wouldn't you be shaking too?

Rebecca was everything to us in high school. I vividly remember her complimenting my coral colored cardigan in 8th grade and my best friend and I both wrote about it in our diary because it was such a momentous occasion. We took (literal) notes on all her outfits, she was the queen of belts over cardigans in 2009, and swore that one day, we would be just like her.

Well I mean, I'm 19 now but other than, I haven't really kept up my promise because Rebecca is still light years ahead of me in every respect. When Brandon contacted me about photographing their proposal, the 8th grader in me died and went to heaven. And while the shoot didn't totally go as planned (lighting, locking keys in the car and you know, my hands shaking like a level 5 earthquake was happening) it was still a magical night through and through.

And I'll have you know, I still wear that coral cardigan today. Some things never go out of fashion, especially things that Rebecca says are cute.


It all started on January 1st, 2015. I walked into my closet and as I was deciding what to wear, I also decided that I would renovate my entire closet that day. It was one of my more successful choices (because I ended up staying in my PJ's) and now finally two years later, my room is complete.

A labor of love, nail holes and a whole lot of motivational chocolate.

Keep reading for the scoop!


Wow, I feel old.

And I know in the grand scheme of things I am practically an infant in every respect but that still doesn't hinder me from feeling old when I write/say/think about the fact that it's 2017. When I think about my life 365 days ago, everything was vastly different. So much can change in a year and that fact is either beautiful or brutal, depending on the circumstances. For me, it's somewhere in the middle, Necessary change is still change nonetheless and change is challenging about 90% of the time.

So in short, I feel old!


As this new year begins to unfold, The Lord has blessed me with an incredible peace, that even I don't fully understand. It's not a peace that assures me that 2017 will be a piece of frosting loaded cake (my favorite kind) but instead one that assures me that no matter what, Christ is the one guiding me. And no matter the circumstances or where He takes me, that alone is a beautiful and wonderful thing.

That being said, I ate cake for breakfast today so I'm hoping the rest of 2017 follows suit!


SKILL TO LEARN //  Drive a stick!
It's like a right of passage in our family, and I'm ready to learn. Also I really want to be able to drive my mom's car because she has seat heaters and I'm always freezing. But it's mostly for the right of passage thing, I promise.

A GOOD DEED TO DO // Thank those who have made an impact.
I'll have more on this later, but I'm sure we all have lots of people who have made huge impacts on our lives...and they don't even know it! Isn't that kind of silly? If I had ever made an impact on someones life, it would be pretty darn encouraging to know that. 12 months, 12 people, 12 thank you's that actually get said and sent.

PLACE/PERSON TO VISIT // Sarah McNair in Virginia or Savannah
God has put amazing people in my life and one I really want to see this year is my dear angel of a friend, Sarah McNair. She splits her time between Virginia and Savannah GA, so hopefully I'll be able to catch her in one of those places.

FEAR TO CONQUER //  Asking aka being bold
I'm really bad at asking people things. Questions, requests, deep desires, for help-  you name it, I probably won't say it.  This year, I'm going to ask, despite my quaking fear and no matter the impending doom of answer. As the saying goes "It never hurts to ask." so here goes nothing!

A NEW HABIT // Hospitality and generosity
I know very generous people and they've blessed me through and through. It doesn't take much to be hospitable and generous, you can be generous with your time, talents, money, and possessions.

A BAD HABIT TO BREAK // Taking forever to respond to texts/canceling
I'm getting better, with particular people. It's easy to let fears and emotions and hormones to shut me down, but Lord-willing I'll learn to process those feelings and responding a timely fashion and not back out of things I've agreed too. And who knows, maybe finally texting with my thumb again will help it heal #thumbscrossed

A DEED TO DO, PART TWO // Get Baptized.
Why have I waited 19 years? I do not have a good answer.

A NEW FOOD TO TRY // Friendsgiving.
Should I say new ways to eat food? Because Friends-giving looks like loads of fun and mashed potatoes and idk, I'm a big fan of both of those. Who wants to come? Accepting applications now.

FOR FUN // All the things.
Celebrate my half birthday, make a quilt, reach 3k on Instagram, get good coffee with cool people, dress like Nancy Drew, crazy cool shoes and finish all the books I start.

Happy is the man who finds wisdom,
and the man who gains understanding;
For her proceeds are better than the profits of silver,
and her gain than fine gold.
She is more precious than rubies,
and all the things you may desire cannot compare with her.
P R O V E R B S   3: 13 - 15

So yes, I feel old. And the fact that I turn twenty freaking years old in 2017 doesn't help me feel any younger. But I'm excited to enter this new decade and who knows, maybe this year I finally won't be afraid to make phone calls? You never know what could happen.


As always, Goals of New Years past:
2016 // 2015 // 2014 // 2013 // 2012