Top: J.Crew Skirt: J.Crew Necklace: H&M Sandals: Saltwaters

....A shirt that came in the mail 3 hours earlier. The shoes you've worn all over the world. The skirt you have in 5 different colors and a necklace that you left outside one night.

On second thought, maybe I'm not too classy after all ;)

Brought to you by phone photos and nostalgia.

OKAY! I just felt like clarifying. TPNC does not stand for "toilet paper north carolina", despite that being the first obvious choice. It stands for Teen Pact National Convention..which week long camp where Teen Pact kids from all over the nation come together for a week of eating and sitting.

Basically. But it's really fun!

Getting up at 3:30 am to get on a bus with 50 people you don't know is a scary thing. Yet again, through gods grace I had an amazing time and met such wonderful people. Even if the bus was HOT (like being in 80 degree weather but without the benefit of a tan) and the drive was long (12 hours much) it was wonderful.

Also all the photos people took of me while I was sleeping, pure joy!

1. squad represent
2. #thefaultinjersphotobomb (see his nose ring? Brought to you by sun and random chance.)
3. Found: a Kryn on the clearance aisle.

There are lots of attractive guys my age at teen pact....yet somehow I always end up hanging out with the 14 year olds. No matter how hard I try it always happens, so this year I ran with it. The little fitz twins made me so happy. And with 5 boys in the family, I decided they needed an honorary big sister and that I was also fully qualified for the job! I just haven't told them yet.

1. GINA who does pageants and is a big sister to everyone and  all the guys love her.
2. My roommate Mandi who by a crazy set of events turns out to be friends IRL with my online buddies. 
3. "I look like a fuzzy watermelon"- Amanda Wiggins on her #OTTD
4. Apparently Anna Lees beauty is too blinding, thus the closed eyes on my part. Regardless of how it is, that's what I'm rolling with.

What a good, good week. What a good, good God we serve! And how wonderful it is to not have to look decent 24/7 anymore.

PS: Last years NC post HERE.


Alternate title: #thanksfitzpatrick

What a week. What a wonderful week full of death by laughter, tears of both the happy and sad variety, and a tiny glimpse of Heaven. Oh, and I drank my first cup of coffee and didn't wear a skirt all week! Its okay, I'll revive you if you faint.

Hallelujah, all I have is Christ.
Hallelujah, Jesus is my life.

To bae or not to bae

TO BAE OR NOT TO BAE, That is the question!

One day during a school/tanning session I was deep in thought. It wasn't about the Cuban missile crisis (where I should have been thinking) or my arm placement so I got an even tan (the next logical thought, for Kryn you know.)

It was about the word bae, naturally.

I use to be very opposed to the word bae. IT was weird, it was funky! And even though I'm typically drawn to weird and funky (Richard Simmons anyone?!) I just couldn't get behind the 21st century bae movement.

But boy have things changed!

Ask any one of my friends and they'll tell you that I have a lot of baes. I don't know what convinced me but in back November or so I turned the metaphorical bae corner and haven't looked back. I'm a little bit like Oprah on her Favorite things episode. You're a bae and You're a bae and EVERYONE IS A BAE!!

And I don't know, it's pretty fun to be friends with everyone.

What is your opinion on the baes? do they make you gag or skip with glee?

Connected again.

Words, sentence structure, punctuation, I've forgotten it all! How do I publish a post again? Insert a photo? Beats me.

Thats what 2 and a half weeks without internet can do to a girl!

You know, I never really realized how many things I googled over the course of a day until, I couldn't google them. Recipes, obscure words and celebrities birthdays were just a few of the things I had to go without. And while its nice in theory to unplug from the world, sometimes you just wanna find a good quiche recipe,  man! (Or finish a paper...that too)

More than once I found myself at a friends house "borrowing" their wifi ("I swear, I'll return it later") and of course their food too. (I'll probably keep that, but thanks for asking.) And while that was fun and all, it sure is nice to be able to browse Pinterest in my pajamas. The simple joys of 21st century life.

So anyway! I'm back. For like a week! Let us hope the wifi (and my sanity) last through finals!