This show was layers upon layers of stress. First there was the fact that I didn't get a great part, because I was too tall! Which is a funny thing, but then again, so is all of life. Then half of my 10 lines were cut and my solo was stripped from my fingertips. Alas, the sadness! My costume never fit right and in-between every scene of every single one of the seven shows was a frantic dash to fix the crinoline and adjust the safety pins.

And finally.

The day I pulled into the parking lot for the final performance, the end so plainly in sight....I backed into a trailer. Which didn't seem too terrible until I pulled forward,

And my bumper didn't come with me.

Of course, at the end of the day (or semester at least) I'm glad I did it. Character building through and through, you know! But I ended up meeting a great vocal coach who I love and my singing has improved 1000x because of it and I had the opportunity to spend intentional time with younger girls and I DIDNT EVEN GET SICK!!!! So God is good.

Praying for wisdom on how to break the news about the car.

Bless your beautiful pie!
and to all a good night.


I was in the bathroom trying to make sense of the 11 pairs of tights I had brought with me (grey, dark grey, heather, black or polka dot? Too many decisions.) when a lady came up and asked if we were part of a school or organization. I told her I had just invited some friends to come skating. 

"Wow. You have A LOT of friends." and then she slammed the door and left me and my tights to ourselves. 

She's right, I do! I'm very blessed through and through to have a group of kids and now, adults ;) to encourage me, annoy me, quiz me on the boy I was with and protect me from bugs, creeps and oncoming traffic. 

Ice Skating on an 80 degree day is magical on many levels. Everyone is in a particularly good mood because they're not dying of sweat on a December day and then there is christmas music which basically prohibits any leftover chance of sadness. Last year was a surprise party for me, but this year it was just for fun, for everyone.

And for the record, I decided on heather grey. I thought you'd like to know.

Ice Skating is actually a terrible way to catch up with people if you happen to be terrible at ice skating. But none of my friends happen to be terrible? How did all these florida people end up being so good at ice related activities?? I guess it comes with the territory of having to survive 80 degree winters (as I have already mentioned once, which proves how challenging they can be.)

My little @jenncmayes never ceases to bring so much sunshine into my life. She was my first passenger and was with me when I wrecked my car (long, stupid story. we were all safe!) and also there for my exciting rendition of the Sugar Plum Dance in the popcorn aisle after Ice Skating (which I'm sure the security guards will enjoy replaying over and over again.)

 You know, I'll be honest, life has been really weird lately. There's been a lot that I can't write about, talk about, or even really like to think about. But  December 15th (thanks to good friends and winter coats and christmas music) felt just right, like life was returning to the normalcy I've been desperately missing...even if just for 3 hours.

Moral of the story: ALL IS GOOD IN THE HOOD.
Especially because I didn't fall flat on my face.