Sunshine in Seattle!

Of course! On the day I break out my brand new rain boots, it didn't rain. Naturally though, I still wore the boots because, logic.

Seattle is notorious for rain and drizzle and general gloom but finally one day the sun decided to show its face again. Apparently, it's a rare deal. As I was crossing the street that was soaked with golden hues, the man who I had been unintentionally following for at least 5 blocks turned and jokingly commented that he forgot Seattle even had a sun! "Well, I for one am used to the sun and I'm glad it's out!" I emphatically declared.

Unfortunately I hadn't noticed that the he had put his earbuds back in.

So in case anyone on the corner of 6th and Aloha was curious, I was happy the sun was out. Public service announcement, over and out!

(Location: Kerry Park and random streets in Queen Anne)

Fresh cream/cookies

I debated over this perfume for a month. Should I buy it? It's kind of expensive! Do I need to smell like fresh cream....does fresh cream even smell good?

You know what girl? I'm worth it! I'm worth the hefty price and I deserve to smell like fresh cream! So I bought it in a hurry and haven't used anything since. And for the record, fresh cream smells eerily similar to freshly baked cookies. Which is a glorious scent indeed!

Philosophy Fresh Cream; buy it here!

And here's to hindsight

In honor of 10 years of High School Musical, how about a high school round up? And while my high school experience has gone by without any choreographed dance numbers, it's still been pretty darn good. And they say hindsight is 20/20, well here's to not having to wait 5 years to realize how fun being a teenager can be.
(Still tho, where you at Zac?)

KEEP READING FOR BLURRY IPHONE PHOTOS of my and my friends doing teenage things.
(isn't that so enticing?)


I don't care if your valentine is a boy, a girl, a puppy or 10 seasons of your favorite show, Valentines of all shapes and sizes deserve to know that they are as loved as a large 3 topping pizza

A Sure Thing

On the one hand, this post seems really dumb and rushed and forward. On the other hand, it feels like I owe it to myself to document this phase of life.  But yes, dear friends, the Nutella has been put on the shelf because there is a boy in town! And honestly, I wouldn't have believed you before but
 it turns out that boys are actually way more fun that chocolate! 

This goes without saying but I know all relationships don't work out, for a million different reasons. I'm okay with the fact that I might regret this post, in two weeks or two months or two years. It also goes without saying that God does amazing things, and above photo is proof. Right now I'm just taking it slow and letting God do His thing (which is pretty wonderful and I'm thankful I get to be included in all that jazz!)


(Actually he doesn't even like chocolate! So more for me! I told you, God knows what's up.)

Merry Coloring to all and to all a good night!

Did you know that like, coloring is cool again?

I for one was so excited to find out that coloring was trendy again. Mostly because I hadn't really ever stopped coloring, but now it's just socially acceptable. And of course, it's a more grown up thing than broken crayons and ripped up books. This is like, art.

Which basically means I feel really important while coloring....when actually it's just like preschool all over again.

(Which I am very much okay with, for the record.)

Let's learn to color! ( case you were absent that day in preschool, I'm here to fill you in.)

 Shoutout to my friend Kayla for setting me up with the perfect coloring supplies. She also included a bottle of nutella, which may be optional for you but I find it to be pretty essential. But anyway, books! I have this one and this one, and The Winter Magic book and this genre of books in general, are already in the amazon cart. (thanks mom!)

Friends! It's 2016, so say sionara to crayon stubs and dull pencils because gel pens work 100000x better. And while I don't actually own these yet (keyword: yet) they are the BEST PENS EVER! Thank you to Angela for sharing them with me...or at least not complaining when I steal them. ;)

3. CUTE CHRISTMAS CANDLE (def not optional.)
Because when is a delicious smelling candle NOT appropriate or helpful for coloring inside the lines?

As you can see, coloring is a great sport as well as stress reliever. It's one the rare few sports that be played at home, on the couch in your pajamas! And isn't that the best kind of sport anyway?


Ironically enough, my 18th birthday surprise party will go down without a doubt as the most undocumented event in history.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just totally and completely overthink one little tiny thing a boy said?

Well that was me on the day of my surprise party this year. I probably would have caught on had I not been caught up in my own self woe. My friend invited me over ("girl, you just need to talk it out....and also not be at home so your family can get ready for your surprise party!") (she left out the last part) and naturally, I didn't want to disappoint!

I came and talked and vented and we laughed at how silly I was being and went and ate salad. And then on the way home, her dad wanted to stop at the beach! Which was weird but at that point everything was weird so it didn't raise my off fleek brows. Lo and behold, SEVENTY of my closest friends came out to surprise me, shower me with hugs and make me feel infinitely special. If that doesn't make a girl's heart happy, I don't know what could!

In closing, I would like to state that my phone did not lose a percentage of battery the entire party. Which might prove how much fun I was having (and also why there are no photos.) And in case you were curious, the boy problems got resolved in the best way possible. Don't you just love it when you freak out over absolutely nothing? Being a girl is so great.

(i actually really mean that.)

Birthdays Past:
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His love is Evergreen

These pictures are some of my favorite, for no particular reason other than the fact that they remind me of God's goodness in my life.

I don't like to complain, it's not in my nature to dwell on negatives or spend any time moping about the past. I move on quickly, for better or for worse. But last month was hard. December was painfully  discouraging, disgusting and equally depressing.

And yet, it was still so good.

On this particular day, this day of happy tree hunting on the 19th of December, I loaded up Jenn and James in the truck and pronounced it to be Christmas Tree day (with a side of Starbucks of course!) And they happily went along with it. They faithfully followed me up and down each aisle as I meticulously inspected every Douglas fur

This past month has been hard, yes. But through it I've been reminded (or even, made aware of) how many amazing people God has placed in my life. The "I know its one in the morning and I know you have a boyfriend but I needed to call you and make sure you're okay" kind of phone calls are ones you'll never forget. The random texts from online friends that are so simple but so meaningful. The friends who let you come over on Christmas eve, Christmas day and still invite you over the day after that, man what a lucky girl I am.

And so, I love these pictures. Because they remind me that I'm very well taken care of and that Christmas has less to do with tree's and traditions and more to do with the people you pick out tree's with and the people whose family traditions you invade.

2016 // of Rust and Stardust.

Wow, what a year. 

I remember sitting in this exact spot last year (hopefully with socks that matched a little better) feeling incredibly apprehensive for the coming year...for no apparent reason. Thankfully I can say that 2016 doesn't seem half as daunting or scary, despite the fact that it will be for a host of reasons.

These types of post always cause for a lot of reflection and generally times of such reflection always point back to one thing: the grace and goodness of God. Last year was hell a thousand times over, but it was just as heavenly sometimes. Which is to say that God doesn't call us to an easy, imperfection free life. But He does promise to protect us, provide for us and bless us beyond measure.

And that is just what He has done.

I'm thankful. I'm exhausted. I'm grateful and excited about what God has in store. I have no wild predictions for this year, but I know that through grace, God will be glorified and all will be well. There will be rust, of course. But I'm confident there will be ample amounts of stardust.


- A PERSON TO BE MORE LIKE- Jesus! always Jesus! And this goes more along the line of spending even MORE time with him and putting him first in every situation, friendship and instance in my life.

- A GOOD DEED TO DO-  Back in October I realized what wonderful opportunities I have to  to invest in the lives of younger girls and be intentional with my friendship and conversations with them. Basically, cookie baking and coffee dates with a purpose .This one has been on my heart for awhile and I am so looking forward to being used by the Lord in this area!

-SKILL TO WORK ON- working on my me things! (blogging, photography, journaling, cross stitch, soap carving, you name it) Those fell to the wayside last year as well and it was a bummer because those things make me really, really happy.

My room needs a whole lot of grace right now. Keep it tidy, organized and relaxing...that's the goal.

Aquire a coffee table book or two and read Love Does by Bob Goff

I hardly wrote anything at all last year. I stopped journaling, stopped blogging and writing on my top secret project. I'd like to press play on all that again and let the words flow (and typos resume!) and all that jazz.

Public, Community theater auditions and applying for a job. Do you know that I'm equally terrified of both? No rational reason, just me ;)

- A NEW FOOD TO TRY- Thanksgiving dinner was a success! But you know what I didn't end up cooking? The turkey. So this year I want to (successfully) learn how to GRILL. Steak, Chicken, fish, peaches, I want to learn how to use the grill well and in general, cook meat. Cause men like meat, and I like men, so you know ;)

Less: Gum/soda
More: Water

-FOR FUN- Chop off my hair, whiten my teeth, get a ring I really like, enamel pins for the win!, lash domination and REALLY COOL SHOES AND GLASSES!

"He sprinkled me in pixie dust and told me to believe..."
L O S T  B O Y //  R U T H  B.

This year will be messy but aren't they all? Thankfully, as a creatively inclined individual, I can appreciate the value of a good mess. So let the chaos commence! And a happy 2016 to you and yours!

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best of the bloopers 2015


Thats how I feel about 2015. And these photos would probably be better off gone forever as well, but for the sake of humility and such, here they are! Happy Wednesday to you, internet! Last years bloopers are here in case you're curious or looking for a blackmail photo....or procrastinating (I feel you girl, what do you think I'm doing here?)