One of those days where your hair is cooperating (for once!) and your brain is actually working and your puppy is being especially fluffy.

I believe they call those "good days."
But I like to call them very very very good days indeed.


(its kind of mandatory to start off these posts with blackmail there!)

As it is the way with Summers, list's are essential! Lists of highly first world things I would probably do anyway as my life is basically flitting from one pointless task to the next. But! My new school this year is gonna be a real jerk, so this is kind of my last summer of pure nonsense.

And we all know how much I love nonsense.

I couldn't decided if I wanted to take this the practical or impracticable route. But after much internal debate, I've decided I can't do either perfectly. So basically, I want to learn to change a tire and have rainbows shoot out my eyes. Sounds doable right?


READ: If I stay
SING: Oceans
PLAY: All Of Me
STRUM: new techniques.
SAY YES: to as many social events as possible
SNAP: photos and videos of everything
BAKE: something with lemons! i don't know why!
CREATE: Palm Beach Chic all the way
SHARE: All my Italy pictures.
PLAN: Girls weekend!!!!

What's on ya'lls summer list? Frolicking in retro bathing suits? Eating donuts poolside? Meeting new friends (and by friends, we mean boys)?) Or probably if you're like me, all of the above.

(just kidding, boys are lame! Netflix is so much better!)

"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning all over again with the summer."

{and yay, lucky you! 2012's list(ish) HERE, and 2013's is HERE! Huzzah!}

B + W on the low down

I am getting to the age where its kind of crucial to know the hip phrases. You know, 21st century slang and all that jazz. But  no, not this unsocialized, awkward homeschooler! not i! Whilst lounging among a multitude of blankets and a cheesy movie buzzing the the background, I make the great mistake of mixing up "keeping things on the down low" and decided to jazz it up and keep things on the "low down"

because you know, humor is my thing.
and by humor i mean unintentionally embarrassing myself!

One: Angie bae being Angie bae
Two: Flowers from Italy because Italy has the best flowers
Three: Vbs and for once I didn't die!
Four: Anna Lee, my first online friend to turn into a real one! huzzah!

And then, Arlington.

"The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission."

Not to jump on the whole "Cemetery are cool!" bandwagon (no emo here!) but like wow, Arlington surpasses cool by a lot! Partly because I was with fabulous friends (shout out to the bb's uptop!) but also because when you see the massive amount of graves, and visualize the people buried there, the sacrifice people have made for our nation (for you! for me!) becomes so undeniably amazing. Freedom is a very costly thing.

"We will always remember,
We will always be proud,
We will always be prepared, 
so that We may always be free."


Some number of years ago (like, maybe one) I was reading a blog (how rare!) and it wasn't anything special. Then the words flew of the screen and hit me soundly and it was like I was finally able to vocalize something that I always knew existed, but couldn't find the words for.

In other words, I'm dramatic.

It was something along the lines of....


And to me, that is so perfect and so so true. I am a maker through and through. I make messes. I make people laugh. I make jokes (some epic, some equally not.) I make cakes and cookies and paper flowers and strum lame versions of over the rainbow.

I am a maker.

That alone changed my perspective on art and photography and napkin origami, everything! Because I realized that a perfectly honed skill isn't my goal. It's creating and getting messy and all that wonderful jazz.

So then, my art! You wonder where that puts me. Let me inform you, I'm somewhere in between happily dysfunctional / two year old let loose with crayons. Does that make any sense?
Here's to creating our best work, Whether you be an artist, a maker or a dedicated selfie taker.

"I found that I could say things with color 
and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - 
things I had no words for."

Me and my Rachie

To Rachie, who doesn't even know my blog exists (and probably never will!) (thus, I can be as sappy as I want!) To Rachie, my complete opposite. To Rachie, my instructor in all things hugging and snuggling (hashtag, huggling!). To Rachie, for making me laugh always and putting up with thousands of photos (a sign of true friend, I say!)

To Rachie: I LOVE YOU.



It's not even summer, and I'm already having the most glorious summer of my life!

How's that for great logic?!?

A few months ago I finally donned my first pair of Saltwater Sandals! Needless to say, I could go on and on with pinterest love quotes about these babies. And so I wore them in Italy. I wore them at NC. I wore them in DC. And now, finally home, I'm wearing them in the good old Sunshine State.

People keep noticing (and if they don't, I'm sure to point them out!) my incredible saltwater tan lines. Which on the one hand, I worked on, but on the other hand, they came so fast! And the deeper the lines get, the more drastic the contrast, the more I realize what fun I'm having. Since we're all into metaphors these days (thanks tfios!) let's just say that last year, or any other year, I wouldn't have any saltwater tan lines. (Partly because uh, I didn't own Saltwaters! But mostly because, for the first time in forever, I'm really living!) And let me just say, it feels fabulous to be alive.

So here's to the irresistible saltwater summer of my soul! Fingers crossed that the tan lines intensify due to an increase in sweet, sweet summertime pleasures.

PS: I wasn't kidding....


On probably the best day of the trip, I forgot my camera! Typical Kryn fashion. Actually, that's really unusual Kryn fashion, because a camera (in my opinion) is always to be had. So there's a bucket load of iPhone photos to make up for the fact. We toured the monuments and walked forever, but what else is DC for?

(▲▲ selfie in action! there should be a hashtag for that!!!)

Probably our best day in DC! The weather was great, the friends were just right and we got to walk A WHOLE LOT. Which was fine by me, but my feet weren't so thrilled the next day!


After a mad dash to the bathroom post landing on one of our latest flights, I was stuck in the back of the plane with an older woman and a flight attendant. The older woman began picking her finger nails, and the flight attendant and I struck up a conversation. About Italian pepperoni, the flight time to New Zeland and my obsession with Pinterest.

After talking a bit he asked (more like guessed) if I was a senior! To which I hastily said no and informed him that while technically a sophomore, I am still mentally 8. (Okay, so maybe I left out the last part. We are learning digression in 2nd grade!) He was surprised I was so young. Really? He probed. But you seem so mature! You must have traveled a lot.

And the thing about it is that that silly Delta flight attendant with the French wife and the childhood spent in Bahrain has it right. Because if it's one thing I've learned, travel does make you modest and mature (double m word! don't tell my mommy!). It shows you how small you are in this crazy big world. How insignificant you really are. And while I, OF COURSE, believe everyone is special, it's always good to see that you ain't the only special person on the earth.

As our year of nonstop travels comes to a close, I'm so so so so so (and so on) grateful for the opportunity I have been given. To see the world, take it in, and realize how small I am. My experiences (and by that I mean travels!) have shaped me, and I'm all the better for it. For now though, it's time to settle down and appreciate the beautiful place I live (and love.)

But like he said, travel makes you modest.

When in DC, cupcakes!

Going to cupcake shops is my thang I guess. I say thang instead of thing because I've been running on very little sleep and occasionally even the girliest of girls needs to go gangster, even if it just involves switching an i to an a.

It's the little things in life!

Anyway on our free day, Mary and Shelbie (and I! Of course!) went to Georgetown cupcake! Which in all honesty, has been on my want-to-do-in-DC list for ages. But I'm glad I waited till I had friends because it was so much more fun. I've also decided that Red Velvet is indeed another one of my thangs, because no matter where we go, it's always my first choice!

Red Velvet lovers ahoy! ALSO, props to Mary for being amazing and posing casually amidst the busy buzz of a major cupcake empire!

PS: And for nostalgia sake, the cupcake tag will do wonders for you. And by you I mean, your hips.

And Here's the Thing About D.C.

We've been to DC a good many times! We've seen the sights, visited the monuments and all that jazz. But after this trip, I'm happy to report that D.C is fresh every time. I was worried I would be bored as we toured Mount Vernon again or yawn at the sight of the Capitol that I've (sadly!) taken for granted. But DC Is beautiful no matter how many times you go, it's eternally wonderful!

Also, this trip was lovely! Because I made friends, and I get to see them again! Teen Pact is fun, but you never see those people again. But this time, I'll see my #bbgirlgang again and again and that make it all the more wonderful.

More posts, yes!


Alrighty! This Kryn is finally home after 3 weeks of travel. And in my absence summer came, volleyball began, and it's my favorite month of the year! Obviously, this calls for serious celebration.

Because I was gone the first week in June, I'm dubbing this week the first week for obvious reasons. So then, goals were in order!

1. BLOG CONTENT - Lately the blog has been a lot of "Here's what I've been up to!" posts. Which is fine, it fits my life right now, and I have been up to a lot. But it's getting a little yawn-ish over here, so I'd like to switch things up. How? I'm not sure! But you shall hopefully see the fruits of my (intense) labor this coming month. Okay? Okay.

2. 20 MIN ON THE DAILY - At TeenPact we had Bonjour every morning, which was just 20 minutes of Bible reading. Twenty minutes may not sound like much, but when you get to the 10 minute mark, it seems like an eternity or two. I'd love to pick that habit back up again--it's so crucial to start the day in the word.

3. BE FREE, BE ME! - um, how cliche can I get? But really, last year at volleyball I was SO SO SO SO SO scared. And even though my skills have decreased I'm sure (not touching a volleyball in 5 months can do that to you!), I'm hoping to ENJOY it more, as in the people and the exercise and not worry if I have a stain on my pants. Which is one of my greatest fears, so we shall see.

On a side note, we've calculated that between January and May of this year, I have been away from home for 2 months. Needless to say, hours of pinterest and netflix (and a jar of nutella!) have never seemed more appealing!

PS: Thanks to the ever wonderful Sarah for these pics!

#TPNC14 (Aka, best week ever)

I have hope! That maybe next time TeenPact rolls around I won't be so scared/anxious/calling my mom every 5 seconds. Because God is always faithful, and I always have an amazing time.

Honestly though, I am proud of myself for once! I really hate saying that I'm proud of myself right out, even though I express it 100 different ways. But honestly, I am! Because going into a camp with 600 kids, not knowing a single girl, and walking away having said goodbye to amazing friends is something else. Something I couldn't have done a year ago. Which brings me to my main point, the more you put yourself out there, the more you see God at work. The more evident His faithfulness is, His goodness and how much He loves us! I could go on and on about it, but the fact that I had someone to sit with at every meal proves how faithful He was to me.

▲▲ By chance (And by chance I mean, GOD.) I ended up with THE BEST roommates ever. One girl happened to be at my state class (in this post there's a photo of Sarah and I right next to one another! So random!) and the other happened to be from where I live, and as the week progressed we found out we had lots of mutual friends.

aaaand my other roommate was from Alaska! Florida, Georgia and Alaska. We all had a lot in common. :)

The thing about TeenPact is that everyone is so nice. EVERYONE. People I'd met less than 24 hours before were already treating me better than so many friends I have. RANDOM STRANGERS. I was blown away. It was refreshing and convicting, all in one.

▲▲ And every time I get to hang out with an angel! I swear, These Georgians are unreal. Last time it was Nellie (who we called and sang happy birthday to this time!), and at NC Amanda was my angel. She's sweet, spunky and, oh, so cute. Those people you meet and feel like you've known them forever? That's Amanda!

▲▲ THIS IS PROOF THAT ONLINE FRIENDSHIPS EXIST. Grace and I had been following one another on insta, and during a stalking session I found out she was in TeenPact too. Instant Friendship! It was SO good to meet her. She's the sweetest (and prettiest!) girl around. And HER VOICE. Gah, it's like raspy and dreamy and slightly buttery.

▲▲ #scandalselfie because apparently my hemline was yet again making my brothers in Christ stumble. Not gonna lie, we had a lot of fun with that one. 

People said it would be the best week of my life, and I rolled my eyes. And while I still have a lot of weeks to live (Lord willing!) I think it's safe to say that NC has been one of the greatest so far.

TeenPact, Over and Out!