I swear, every time I go to urgent care I end up having a wonderful day!!

Here, let me explain.

After the general questions ("Allergies?" No. "Headaches?" No. "Public School?" No...."Social Life?" NO.) The doctors stomach howled and growled like the werewolves and a full moon. Or me when I see a cupcake. And then my stomach began to growl too and it was this weirdly beautiful conversation between growling stomachs. Nature, at it's finest.

I think we were both pretty hungry. But I can't be sure.

I had an EKG done (which has nothing to do with the plant leaves but like, for the sake of aesthetics, I must include them.) and I most certainly won the unspoken award of most hilarious EKG ever. First I couldn't get my clothes off, (I guess I lost the directions to my dress or something.) and then I informed the nurse I was rolled up in the blanket "burrito style" and apparently my stomach overheard me say that because it suddenly began crying out, VERY loudly, for a burrito, I assume. And then there were fruit flies flying (of all the things a fly could do!) around my burrito cocoon and it felt eerily third world.

Until I posted about it on Instagram.

And then if everything inside wasn't weird enough, we walked out and I was like HEY MOM TAKE MY PICTURE. And she obeyed me. I mean, it was my first EKG and I also had nothing wrong with me and we also collectively killed all the fruit flies so I mean, why not celebrate?!

And a shout out to all my fingers who took over since my index finger didn't want to help with this post...he was in a bit of a jam, if ya know what I mean.


Pro Congress.

Easily my most favorite TeenPact, yet at the same time, my least favorite.

Basically, the most confusing!

LET ME EXPLAIN: TeenPact congress is where we go play senator and representative at the Florida Capitol, fully dressed in blazers and pantyhose. And while I loved (LOVED) The people I met, being a Senator was less than fabulous. But alas, I did receive a mint in the mail and spend 3 days in a lazy boy so like, can I complain? No!

Onward and upward!

▲▲ These girls. They rock my world. My dear and lovely AmyBrooke (who is growing up too fast, because since I last saw her in February, she started going by just "Amy." Just Amy you say! I say, never.) And then there's BRIETHECHEESE who is literally my most favorite human. And then Miss HANNAH KATZ who is an angel. She's my 3rd teen pact angel and I can't wait to add more to my already beautiful collection.

▲▲ Krazy Kack who is probably the coolest 13 year old on the earth. Thanks missy for all the bedtime snuggles and hugs and all that jazz.

▲▲ Isaiah literally walked out of my instagram dreams and walked into my life! He dresses like any true prepster (lobsters, seersucker and the most darling plaids of all time.) and he even makes his own bow ties! And as his perfrect hair was dubed "The Highlights From Heaven" you really can't judge me for hugging him 1000 times, can you?

Crazy fun week. God is good. So GOOD.

#TPCONGRESS14 over and out!

PS: State Class HERE and #TPNC14 is HERE.

1/35 - LET'S DO THIS.

First day of the year is done!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I joined a one day a week classical school this year. And of my own free will, surprisingly!

Heritage has been an option for me for the past few years, but at the same time it wasn't really because the Lord wasn't leading me there. This year though! Man, He had billboards and neon light and the whole shebang (which was exciting!) No doubt this year will be challenging beyond words, but the Lord brought me here and I know without a doubt, He will bring me through.

(that being said, I'm still counting down the weeks till summer!)

1. ) Check out my uniform! Felt a little Walmart Cashier -esque, but then again, that's always been my dream so on second thought, this will do nicely.

2.) BOOKS?! For those of you who know me, reading is not my cup of tea. Over the summer I read 10 books. Granted, they were all fluffy and light and especially cheesy...and now I have to transition into books that  my nerd of all nerds, genius of all genius's brother couldn't even finish. Wish me luck!

So excited to see what The Lord has in store for me. I'm SURE you'll hear me moaning about homework once or twice...a week. And with that, I'm off to begin my 1st assignment....

It's gonna be a long year!

Back to School with Lilly!



It's all in your perspective, my friends!

Okay, with the school year fast approaching (as in, TODAY.) I am gearing up for the most intense year of school ever. I'm joining an umbrella ish-classical-education- torture group and I hear I might die. Multiple times.

Anyway, when I saw planner on the list of supplies you can bet all your broccoli that I began to search high and low for the perfect one. And huzzah! Lilly Pulitzer saved the day. And for those of you curious, bored, or googling....here's a little overview on my little slice of heaven.

I mean, my agenda.

Basically the same thing.

Okay, here's the basic overview for those of you who love facts!

-17 months (including weekly pages, for all 17 months!)
- A Monthly Lilly Print (new month, new print, new you!)
- Spiral bound (which makes everything better.)
-Comes in Small, Large (pictured here) and Jumbo.
- Dates to remember, contacts and note pages (more to doodle on, yay!)

Have I mentioned that it's Lilly Pulitzer? So that means it's automatically perfect!

It's a little pricey at $30, but I figured that since I'm gonna be using an agenda ALL YEAR, I might as well spend a little and actually like it. Plus, I was in a Lilly Pulitzer store in Savannah Georgia and I mean, How could I not?

Moral of the story: I'm so excited to use my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda this year. It's a uniform school ya'll (khaki and polos so hard that Jake from State Farm would be proud!) so I'm doing my best to sneak a little color in wherever I can. Thanks Lilly for helping me out!

Get your agenda HERE!






And through it all, a common theme: Christ's amazing grace.


After our (self) titled Baptism Bash, the cool kids were playing volleyball (and by cool we just mean in shape and those with coordination.) so we decided to go on a walk. Of course, us being girls and all, we only made it about 8 feet (literally!) before the urge to take photos took over, and we couldn't resist! But in our defense, the light was perfect and the company, oh, so good. So like, why not?

Love these photos. These girls are my favorites!

(1: Lisa. 2: Mary and I. 3: Kelsea and Lisa....you can figure out the rest.)


While staying at a friend's, whose sister is (basically) a professional makeup artist, I flitted into the bathroom as said sister was doing makeup things and casually asked if she would do a cat eye on me.

In other words, would she put more eyeliner on in one swoop than I've had in my entire life?

(by the way, she said yes.)

And then, of course as it would be, at church we had a discussion (with girls! and boys!) about makeup. Which actually first made me self conscious, ragey, then angry, confused, determined and then all those emotions can only lead to one thing: chocolate. After consuming more Hershey kisses than I'd like to admit, I began processing what I felt about this (which may or may not have involved a little lana del ray and, of course, MORE chocolate.

I wrote a blog post as soon as I got home! Then I face timed a friend. And called another. To each I asked, "Do boys really write us off as shallow if we wear makeup?". My friends didn't really know, and neither did the blog post. Darn! That question was at the forefront of my mind for nearly 2 weeks. I even got to the point where I questioned every swipe of mascara. MY MASCARA people. That's like questioning my love for chocolate chips!

Speaking of chocolate, I think I could use some more.

As a Christian girl, it's hard to find the fine, blurry line between looking nice and drawing attention. It's hard to take part in life's simple pleasures (mascara! blush! lipstick!) without feeling overly shallow and self focused. And when you hear it straight out of a guys mouth, that they don't like makeup, they could care less, prefer it when you don't have any on....what does one do?

I prayed, looked up talks on makeup, tried to find scripture that shed light on my questions. 

But my questions were answered at a Pentecostal wedding, of all places.

For those of you (like myself!) who are not familiar with Pentecostal ways, in addition to pew jumping, they also do not wear makeup. I honestly don't think I've EVER seen a group of women completely make up free, and it was refreshing in an unexpected way. Because it reinstated the fact that to me, I wear makeup to enhance my natural beauty, not cover it upIt's an art form, something we girls bond over, a way to express myself. Never ever, to cover or hide what God gave me.

I come to you now, fully assured of my convictions on makeup. But I'm curious, where do you stand?

Baptism Bash!

Baptism, an outward expression of an inward faith.
A few weeks ago our new friend, Megan, was baptized! It was such a fun day at the beach, celebrating her new life in Christ! (um, and also getting to take photos of so many wonderful girls! Our youth group is seriously WONDERFUL, and GORGEOUS too. It's okay, you can be jealous, oh, wait...)

And now why tarry you? arise, and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on the name of the Lord.

This verse really hits home, as I am yet to be baptized. Sooner rather than later, Kryn! Anyway, it was such a fun day and we are all so thrilled for Megan - she's such a sweet gal, and I love her to death!

Fun times in the church, it's nice to know we're all family FOREVER. 


In the past few months, God has placed many amazing girls in my life. Girls that I'm lucky enough to call my friends, to share my secrets with, to hug and snuggle and watch depressing movies with (a true test of friendship!). Some of them I've been friends with for a while, and we've grown closer. With others, I hardly knew they existed and what's this? Sleepovers and phone calls and texts and all that jazz!

If there's one thing I've learned with making friends (and keeping them!) it is that nothing lasts forever. No matter how many promises you make, forever isn't really achievable, not in this sin filled world. And so, I'm just grateful that I have today with these new, precious friends. And I'll leave tomorrow and next week and forever up to God. I mean, He's been working on this forever thing for like, forever.

I'm glad God doesn't always give you what you ask for,
because these girls far exceed what I prayed for.