A St. Augustine summer

I talk about doing a lot of things. I talk about getting my ears pierced, deleting snapchat, ordering a pair of glasses that are actually the right prescription and so on. But rarely do I ever actually do those things. So you can see why we were especially proud of ourselves for actually following through on our grand ideas and making this adventure happen.

(we didn't plan on being chased by a boy on a bike but you know, what can you do.)

Kryn goes to college!

Kryn goes to college!
(and comes home two hours later)
Community college is pretty anti-clamantic, and very unlike the typical college experience. There is no rush week, no picture perfect dorm rooms with color coordinating trash cans, wall art and lofted bed storage. No football team, few clubs and idk, really no motivation either.

That being said, I still made a huge deal about which agenda I would use. Because it's tradition!
And by tradition I mean that it's a tradition for me to be as ridiculously un-practical as possible.

You'll see what I mean in a second...
This year there were two winners! But unlike last year, I decided to go ahead and keep them both. Logical? Practical? Resourceful? NEVER. But at least this year, we don't have to add unorganized to the list. I'm planned out to till December and man, I love it.

I'm using the Day Designer Agenda this year. It was sad to bid farewell to the saturated sunshine hues of the Lilly Pulitzer agendas, but HOURLY agenda in the Day Designer made the bittersweet break up a whole lot more sweet than bitter. 
My favorite portion of this planner is the small G R A T I T U D E section. Theres a big enough space to write down a couple things, but generally I just jot down one great thing about every day. Sometimes it's a big thing, other days it's something simple like taking a good photo or not getting caught at every red light on the way to work. It's easy to think we have nothing to be grateful for but in reality, if I really listed everything, I could fill ten of those little boxes every day.
And so, another unorthodox school year is upon us. (old habits die hard?) I've got a good routine, I actually enjoy all of my classes and to top it off, my study buddy is really cute (even though she sits on top of my textbooks....while I'm reading them.)  

May good grades and extra cups of coffee be ever in my favor!

(No thanks to you, Sophie.)

PS: 2014 Agenda and my 2015 Agenda. My shorts are J.Crew, bralette: Urban


SIXTH SUMMER // SUMMER SIXTEEN from @thegirlkryn on Vimeo.

I have actually been trying to insert this video into a blog post for a solid two months. I know I’m only 18 but man, do I feel out of touch. But anyway, in the process of trying and failing to inset the video, Summer seemed to stretch out a little further, albeit only mentally but still!

This was a steady summer, consistent. Every day wasn't thrilling or downright terrible. It was routine and predictable and that was actually just what I needed. I spent a lot of time on self-care, which I had always thought was selfish in years past but as it turns out, self-care is essential for being strong enough to then help others. And an obscene amount of flower photos were taken but I mean, what else would you expect from me?

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS SONG[in this video]? Because it is was my summer theme song. Every day, all day. And I don’t even like country! I tried about 4 other “cooler” songs for this video, ones with a better bead and more abstract lyrics but no. Only this twangy country love song (literally all my least favorite things) would do. 

(I promise, if you hate country and love songs and banjos...you'll probably love this too.)

You might be wondering about how well I did with my summer list! (See it here.)  You also might not care at all but just in case you’re part of the first group, I’ll briefly touch on it.

And by briefly I mean, you’ll be here till next summer. 

I actually accomplished almost everything on the list. Can you believe I had never driven through a drive through? I mean, relatively speaking I just got my license last week so it makes a little more sense. Obviously the chopping off of my hair was a success and I had acrylic nails for 3 months as expected, all my childhood dreams came true. However, as I child I didn't realize how incredibly difficult it would be to open ANYTHING with acrylic nails so alas, they had to come off. It's pretty bad when you can't even open your makeup, right?


Thanks to the technical difficulties that prolonged the publishing of this post, we all got to soak in a little more sun and squeeze in a couple more beach days. Who are we kidding, we still go to the beach! But now we bring our textbooks ;)