Night (and life) changes

We're only getting older baby
And I've been thinking about it lately
Does it ever drive you crazy
Just how fast the night changes?

(I thought that today, of all days, One Direction Lrycis would be appropriate. )

Walking back into class after a break, my friend Tricia mentioned not wanting to cut her hair. Being the only advocate for short hair in our circles,  I demanded to know why she wouldn't just go for it. Because she said, we graduate so soon! It won't grow out by then. I brushed off her excuses (Hair Grows! Its so far away anyway! It doesn't really need to be long either!). I could forgive her for prejudice against short hair....but I couldn't forget the fact that graduation is closer than I realize.

I turn 18 this year. Which by law means I'm an adult. By the worlds standards I am capable of making my own decisions. By my mothers standards I should be able to clean my room in a reasonable amount of time. As a child I always assumed that the older you got the more life made sense, the easier things got and the more you felt sure you were making the right choices.

But no! Every passing day life confuses me more, I'm not sure about anything really and the choices I make? Heck, I can't even decide what to order at McDonalds! (besides a sweet tea Do I want to go to college? Go Overseas? Pursue underwater basket weaving?

13 months till graduation, which seems like a split second eternity. 13 months to trust in GODS plan for my future, not my Pinterest infected view of reality. Either way, I hope it involves sweet tea from McDonalds. Because as of today, that's the only thing I'm sure of.

“It's about a girl who is on the cusp of becoming someone... A girl who may not know what she wants right now, and she may not know who she is right now, but who deserves the chance to find out.” 

You can take a Kryn camping.

My friends all doubted my camping abilities. Somehow the fact that I wear skirts and dresses 100% of the time clouded their judgement. You know, I did grow up in Montana and all. But no! Skirts trump childhood experiences. Would I be able to sleep in a tent? Swim in Alligator infested waters? Go without internet?!


Ironically enough, the father daughter camping trip did not involve my father. He was in Paris. I was in a canoe with one of my dearest friends. And it worked out well enough! (He was supporting my rather unhealthy shopping habits, I caching up on all the things I am oblivious too in our circles.)

 I've been friends with MaryHelen for a while now but we've actually never gotten a decent photo together! Thankfully thanks to our superior self timer skills we got quite a few this weekend. MaryHelen has a heart of gold and (and for God!) and I was so BLESSED to be able to be with her. I swear, she's a saint.

It's a long story....but I couln't remember canoeing before. MH was new too which meant our chances of tipping were much higher. But! We navigated alligator infested waters without getting any of our belongings wet, mild spider bites and no terrible sunburns (and feeding wild monkeys!) At one point we turned on some music and sang as we paddled (slowly) along. It was quite magical.

So can Kryn camp? The answer is HECK YES. Can she do it with a gold watch on? HECK YES. And sure,  I could have done without the tick or the chigger bites. But the tan I got? Makes it all worth it. (and the memories we made....those too ;))

#ktaem #freebiscuits #amichoking #whitedress #simmerdown #monkeys #fruitsaladgang #darlingiwillbelovingyoutill *insert random number here* #peoplefallasleepinmysteriousways #emergingfromthewomb

that last one was really awkward.


PHOTO TAKING IS MY FAVORITE. That and Jesus and chocolate. And not necessary in that order!

I took Rachel's Senior photos a few months ago and it was wonderful and relaxing and chill and obviously she made it really easy because #MODEL. It was also a nice little warm up for the 3 senior shoots I have....this week!

Cross those fingers kiddos.



I had a best friend once.

Thank God it was only once!

Just like all good things in life (cookies, clothes and dogs), Friends come in all shapes and sizes. But I didn't know that a few years ago. I thought every person I befriended had to be just like my best friend. Potential friends had to pass a serious test! They had to love dusting as much as I did, laugh at the same parts as I did in Star Wars and, naturally, not bother with the calories of cupcakes.

It was a shame! First of all, Star Wars is not actually funny so anyone who laughs at it is probably certifiably crazy. Second, I was holding everyone to the standard of my best friend of 15 years, expecting everyone to know me like she did. Which is unfair to both myself, and the poor people who were attempting friendship with me.

It's so refreshing to not have to worry about a having ONE  best friend. I can have a movie night bestie and an Instagram bestie. I've got friends who I see a few times a year, ones I share my juicy gossip with and of course, friends I keep strictly for the fact that they're always armed with a full pack of gum.

It's all in the details. ;)

So having one best friend?? I speak from experience when I say its overrated. I'm adopting new friendship mantra's right and left, but the more the merrier is the only one that seems to stick. I truly want to love everyone and appreciate all the good things about them.... even if they don't know to laugh at Yodas hovercraft chair.

But of course, friends who share gum will be always be a little higher on the totem pole.
It's just kind of a given.

A.H.L.L (nope, that wasn't awkward at all.)

Oh its always a happy day when you fingers finally fumble together a Katniss braid and in the same sort of way, when they fumble a great save in softball! (In the one inning you played....but that's beside the point.)

Anyway, I've been mentally keeping track of this list but we all know how great I am anything that involves my brain functioning, so it was time for the pen to hit the paper (ahem, fingers to the is the 21st century and all!) and get these written down. (at 1 am no less because, rebel.)

Hopefully God has been keeping track of the numbers of hairs on my head and cups of tea i've consumed because I kind of lost count (of both) at least 5 years ago. Not all teas are created equal but this tea was created with you and me in mind. I kid you not, best tea I've ever had.

Spring makes me happy for a variety of reasons, but mostly the colors! I'm about to mentally pack away my beloved black turtleneck (Mentally because frankly, I'm way too lazy.) and say aloha to my printed shorts and all that jazz! Oh, I am so excited!

I mostly watch this show for the outfits (In my next life, I plan to be a southern belle, emphasis on the rich doting father.) However, the show itself is good too! My friend and I have been watching it at the same time and each week we discuss (and some disgust!) over the weeks events. Also the small town vibes are alive and well, which means #nostalgia for Kryn.

I just went to target and bought cake batter m&m's and sugar cookie flavored popcorn. I mean come on, this world can do no wrong.

This song has quickly become mine! And if you think it's yours, well forget it! Whenever Sugar is on the radio I am graced with many beautiful snapchats of my friends singing along. Also, have you seen the music video?  Caution: after watching you might experience rare side effects such as A.) wanting to get married or B.) wanting to marry Adam Levine. 

I've been on this cooking kick and it's involved a lot of unusual things. I made a Moroccan-ish meal with the help of Sous Chef Mother and it was KILLER. I am not one to really remember food unless it involves 10 grams of sugar and cocoa but! Not sure if it's worth mentioning, but it makes me happy so duh.

Have a happy day full of happiness! Also, try not to be as generic with your adjectives as I am.