Hashtag Babe on The Beach

We interrupt this scheduled Italy programming to bring you urgent news! Or actually, just some photos! Sarah and I are really getting the hang of this model/photographer thing. It's so fun having a friend to talk photos/instagram/art with. (and also, one to watch Sponge Bob with! Let's be real.)

On a random note, I just dyed my moms hair for the first time. In a few minutes we shall see how I did (and also If I have a home or not....)

Ps: Everyone! Check out Sarah's blog, Cruising Through Life. (and I won't tell you what my terrible auto correct spelling changed it to, but it did involve @$#!&# that kind of thing...!)

Pompeii in a Pencil Skirt

Obviously we children of the 21st century are all aware of the Tragedy of Pompeii, thanks to the Bastille song that actually, really, has nothing to do with Pompeii.

Sorry to burst your bubble there!

Anyway! Pompeii is basically a sepia toned graveyard  for columns and broken pottery. And we all know how well I do in sepia tinted environments....! I also made the brilliant (and logical) fashion choice to wear a pencil skirt in Pompeii. Because being a Kryn makes so much sense sometimes. But! I did get a good photo for instagram and check something off my bucket list. So all in all, a good adventure.

More Italy photos to come....but I'm sure you wouldn't expect any different. I mean, it is Italy after all!

Two down, one to go!


(how my brain feels whenever I think about this month's schedule.)

May is a calm and tranquil month, filled with lots of beach yoga and Mozart playlists. And of course, a healthy dose of chocolate because what else is summer break for? Or, I guess, that's what May was BEFORE. Before we decided to plan 3 trips, (2 continents, 2 countries, 2 states) over a 30 day period.

Crazy, yes. Full of adventure, yes.

So I had a bunch of lofty goals like dusting my baseboards and having a lemonade stand, things to aspire to in the month of summer! But well, maybe I could have sold lemonade in Italy and maybe I'll get a chance to clean the baseboards at the White House, because that's how things are looking!

But anyway!

We are back from Italia and we had the most Italian time. I can't believe it really, I've been to Italy! And all over Italy for that matter. I've had pizza from almost every Italian city (MUCH more on that later, if you can imagine!) and Napoli pizza is where it's at, by the way.

So many stories and adventures to share, things are just getting started!

To justify (2) hats....

And these selfies (+ the 200 not included, you are welcome.), I told myself....
"You only go to Italy once!"

Spring, Sunshine and Sarah.

Spent the day wandering around our perfectly beachy town celebrating my girl Sarah! She clearly needs to reconsider a career in modeling because if my photos make her look this good, imagine what a professional could do!

XOXO- Thanks Sarah for being such a gem!


Alrigthy peeps! (speaking of peeps, time to rifle through the clearance bins at Publix for our favorite marshmallow chicks! Two second tangent, over and out.) I'm writing this post mostly as future reference for myself (since San Francisco hasn't seen the last of me, that's for sure!) But if any of you find yourself in the Bay area anytime soon (or in 20 years, I'm not picky.) maybe you could take note of my sage advice and heed my wisdom. Or read this post at least.
 ONE: Whatever you do, WALK DOWN FILLMORE! Like, I can't stress that enough. Not only will you be overwhelmed with flower shops and cupcake stores (need I say more?), but it's got the cutest houses and the best views of the bay. Don't forget this one peeps!
TWO: A few of my favorite fashion bloggers live in SF, and their hair is always perfect. Naturally I assumed that SF had good hair vibes and that I too, would have nice hair on my trip. NOT THE CASE. SF is windy like you wouldn't believe! As my friend Sarah said after I sent her this, "I think it's ponytail day?" Ponytails, braids, buns, or baldness. Whatever you do, don't leave your hair down or you will regret it for the rest of eternity.
THREE: The food at the ferry building is really good. Like, really, really good! In my humble opinion, anyway. I had a grilled cheese with some kind of wildly exotic cheese, and it's safe to say since then, every grilled cheese has left a lot to be desired. So anyway, Ferry Building it is!
Really you guys, San Fran was probably one of the coolest cities. And I've been to a stinking lot of places, but SF was just the greatest. A hippie haven, nonetheless. Obviously I support that.
And on that note, Peace to you!

..........ART CLASS!!!!

With just a few weeks of school left, it was about time for an honorary blog post dedicated to our art class.  Granted, my painting skills have actually diminished over the year, but probably because I spend more time dancing, singing or generally expressing my musical side than my artistic side. (What can I say, oldies get to me.)

▲▲ So in case you are yet to get the memo, our teacher is a self proclaimed pirate. And the nautical nonsense in our class can not be topped, what with Mr. Dan supplying the nautical-ness and Emily and I doing our fair share of nonsense. And the poor other girls in our class....they may never recover.

▲▲ And while we are on the topic of  general happiness, so grateful for my fun friend Emily. Even though we are INCREDIBLY weird when we are together, (and equally so when we are not!) there are only so many friends you have in a lifetime that you can call demon and make ungodly noises in front of and never feel a bit guilty. If you have a person like that in your life, keep them close, very close!
I also have an amazing video from Art, but I'm a old person apparently and can't get in the post. Someone send me a technologically advanced young person to help this granny out! I pay in warm cookies and cheek squeezes.
Art class, Over and out! And on that note, TEQUILA!
(For those of you sheltered folk alarmed by my casual alcohol reference, see this post for explanation.)

Remember (the) Alamo (Square Park!)

If you want flowers, go to Alamo Square Park! If you need to see some amazing houses, go to Alamo Square Park! If you are itching for a great city view....

I think you get the idea!

Needless to say, this was my favorite part of San Francisco. It's like this magical little oasis in the middle of the city, full of cool people (lots of yoga do-ers and dog walkers) and basically the prettiest houses I have ever seen. Also, IT'S NOT WINDY THERE. And trust me, once you get to SF, you will appreciate that fact.