Recently I had an Epiphany:
 I'm going to miss high school.

Which is stupid! Because High school is dumb and silly and just 4 years out of a lifetime. And on top of that, high school hasn't been anything like I expected it too, and I'm blaming 99% of that on High School Musical for setting wildly high expectations. There have been no choreographed dance numbers, no pizza dates on the balcony, no unexpected karaoke nights.

(and I'm STILL waiting for Zac Efron but alas.)

These past 4 years have been brutal and wonderful and painful and peaceful. Despite the drama, puberty and, you know, the actual school, I've settled into a rhythm. Its comfortable, familiar...and about to be taken away from me. I've grown to love high school more than I ever thought I could.
And the fact that graduation is approaching isn't really helping my unexpected attachment to these weird years.

So how are things? In the State of Kryn, land of chocolate and typos? Things are bittersweet. Sometimes really sweet, sometimes awful bitter. I'm working toward a balance, a milk chocolate middle of the road. But most days, it's one or the other and that's okay for now.

And so in closing, I would like to thank my own Troy Boltons and my own Wildcats for making these last 4 years memorable and full of dancing (though not pre-choreographed) and love (though it be only platonic....) and for giving me something that I really will miss.

Because wouldn't it be a shame if I didn't have anything to miss?