What. A. Year.

It's hard to complain about a year like this. Because even though it was incredibly hard, it was equally necessary. A painful cleansing, if you will. And even though the between the two is very blurry at times, I'll respect the fact that this blog isn't a full blown emo diary (yet!) and instead talk about the very good things that 2016 brought me. These are just some of the things that brought a little joy to my day

Hashbrowns are 100% involved.


TBH 2016 was like an entire blooper reel. But alas, here are the great favorites.

It's not easy being this uncoordinated or un-photogenic. But when life gives you lemons (or bad posing intuition), you just gotta take photos anyway.

Bloopers of 2015
Bloopers of 2014

And what a tradition we have started! I can't wait to carry this one on with my cats and grand-cats.


I told her I was taking a gap year and her response wasn't quite what I expected.
"Enjoy your last year at home!" she said, "It's so special."

I laughed really hard. And then I cried.

But I cried a lot harder than I laughed.


Never mind the fact that her home town is actually in Germany (and that I actually drove through it last summer but didn't have time to stop but alas) LISA FINALLY CAME HOME!  

You may remember Lisa from blog posts past. She came and stayed with mutual friend a couple summers ago and we hung out 24/7. This visit, she stayed with me and it felt SO right having her in our home. Having a car (and more freedoms) this time made it so much more fun, and different. Even though she wasn't here for very long, the house seems so empty without her sweet, curious presence.

Last year I took an unbelievable amount of photos of Lisa (Remember when we got donuts? Or went to the beach? And went to church? Me too.) This time wasn't quite the same, between work and class and general social fiasco's, we didn't have much time for a photoshoot. But the day she left we headed down to the park for 20 minutes and well...it made up for all the lost time ;)



IT REALLY WAS A WONDERFUL REUNION.  We hung out with Mary, the OG, and watched movies and stayed up late talking. Oh and the beach! It wouldn't be a proper time with Lisa without a little tanning session (even though 20 minutes in the sun can't make up for a whole semester inside, but we can dream.)

These photos represent a blog post in it of itself but that will come later. For now, know that we almost snuck into a bar at midnight in downtown Orlando. But we opted for cookies instead; a good safe, homeschooler choice it was. 

I also happened to have a white house sugar cookie house kit in my closet (#justgirlythings) so we made the white house Trump themed. Apparently we are prophets because this was months before the election and who would have guessed our joke would have come true. Honestly I'd rather have him in a sugar cookie white house than the actual one but alas. America.

And on a final note, if you've been following along for a while, I have the urge to explain how to pronounce her name. You might have been reading it as "Lisa" with an incredibly stale white bread pronunciation (don't worry, that was me for like 6 months. You're not alone.) Her name is actually pronounced "LEEZA". Now you know! 

I love you Lisa.
Come back!