Last year, May was a crazy chaotic, emotional month for everyone (in our family at least. Hopefully you all didn't experience the same junk!!). Despite the craziness of it all, mom and I somehow managed to make it to Canvas for Mothers Day dinner and somehow it was as though time stood still. The light was golden, the food delicious and we decided that it should definitely become a thing.

One year later, our lives look very different but the sunset through the glass house was just as spectacular and the food just as delicious and we even got free champagne which was a definite win!

Canvas is in Lake Nona which is right outside of Orlando. For being such a touristy city, Canvas is very very peaceful and such a relaxing atmosphere. It sits right on the lake with this amazing glass house on the property. Both times we made our reservation for during golden hour (I'm sure you can see why!) The house was designed and crafted by a local artist and It's basically every fashion bloggers/instagrammers/homeschooled girl's dream come true.

Since last Mothers day, they've expanded the property to include a garden! There were tomatoes and peppers and herbs galore and it's what they use in their cooking. Basically it's the Florida equivalent of Farm-To-Table and I love it. Way to go Florida!

And in case you were wondering, yes we did eat and yes the food was amazing! This time we got scallops and that's a very lame way to put it because they were delicious and adored will all kinds of fancy things that I'm really not worthy of. 

If you're ever in Orlando and looking for a place to eat, Canvas should be first on your list. No Disney Tourists, No chicken fingers on the menu. Just a glass house, good food and the PERFECT place to watch the sun set!

Little Things in Life

These photos were taken on January 19th 2017. And other than the fact that these are film scans and taken by cool friends, these pictures are really hard for me to look at. The girl in these photos, bless her heart. I felt so so small, so young and so incapable for months. Turning 19 really took a toll on me, for whatever reason. An awkward in between, an age of limbo that teeters on the brink of adulthood.  Despite the pristine choice of footwear (in my opinion, of course),  I couldn't find my footing in life.

In the passing months, so much has changed! 
(sadly including the weather, which means I can't wear my booties anymore.)

Here are some little (but actually big) things that made these months so good....


"Let patience have 
her perfect work. 
You have to make it 
winter and spring 
to get to summer."


The goal of dressing like Nancy Drew has been going well. Solving the mystery of where my money goes though, still on the hunt for clues.

(funny how clue rhymes with J.Crew.)

(a lot of christian water analogies)

"Your grace abounds in deepest waters...."
I took living so close to the beach for granted for most of my life. It's a block away, I can hear the waves lapping on the shore from my bed each night. When I'm happy, I go to the beach. When the sun is rising, I go to the beach. When I'm sad and need to run away from the life, the beach is where I go. When it's January and my skin is as white as a know where to find me.

I think one reason I love the beach is because it makes me feel very small, and as a result, it reminds me how big God is. He's vast, unsearchable and His love is deeper than we could ever comprehend. And while I think Christians have thoroughly worn out the water references, it's pretty true to some degree. His grace is like an ocean, His love washes over us. And when I'm standing on the shore facing the seemingly endless ocean, I'm met with the goodness of our God and the realization that 
I am so so small compared to His greatness. 

"When oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace..."
When to get baptized is different for everyone. And even though I would only say I've known that the Lord was leading me to it for a year or so, the timing never quite worked out. I was either out of town or had a test the next day or was trying new churches and it just didn't work.

Switching churches, which I did a couple months ago, is always a little rough at first. Discouraged by the amount of awkwardness and icy conversation, I hadn't been in a couple weeks. But one Sunday a sweet friend texted me inviting me to come and that was the Sunday I heard about the baptism. 

It was also a week before.

But even still, I knew this was it.

Baptism is a beautiful thing no matter where it takes place, but having the opportunity to be baptized at the beach was such a blessing. I know my days near the beach are numbered and I have been doing my best to soak it up (both literally and figuratively) as much as possible 

( s e c o n d )   f a m i l y   i s   f o r e v e r
"And there I find You in the mystery.
In oceans deep,
My faith will stand."

I may not be able to run to the beach at midnight and cry when life is hard forever. But in doing so, I've learned that His Love is just like the ocean: endless, deep and oh so beautiful. 


Hi, I'm Kryn and welcome to (apparently) the only thing I ever wear. 

(why the popped collar?)

I got this jacket in Miami, it's weird that I'd have to go closer to the equator to find a decent jacket but you know, that's Florida for you. Anyway, it's proven to be the best $40 I've ever spent. The pockets are perfect for my passport, phone and candy ;) (and tampons! if need be) 

When I was in Dallas (at the arboretum) I was wearing this jacket and taking photos. When we got back in the car I thought that those photos looked kind of similar...then I realized it was because I wear the SAME jacket on literally every trip. Same pose, same jacket, same sad attempt at being a model; It was all so familiar. Then I was curious at how many photos I've actually taken in the infamous green Jacket....

and the rest was history! (/a blog post?)

ONE: SAN FRAN // I'm not sure if this was the inaugural trip with said jacket but either way, wow. God has been good to me. 

TWO: D.C BLOSSOMS // Cherry Blossoms are my favorite thing so of course, I had to wear my beloved jacket! I also didn't have another jacket, but that has nothing to do with it. Also, RIP to the days of pins! (Here's the DC post, in case you're curious/love cherry blossoms!)

THREE: THE AFTERLIFE?? // Though it isn't as aesthetically pleasing, this one is the best. Shows how practical this jacket can be, right? Nothing like laying in the road near some strategically splattered ketchup for the sake of art.

FOUR: SAN FRAN AGAIN // Back in San Fran and of course, with a new Ban.Do pin. Maybe it was a sign though, because this was the trip that I tripped on Jen Gotch's skirt. (Original post)

FIVE: COLD WEATHER // Ice skating in florida is always tricky because no one really has winter coats. So we either freeze or...freeze. But it's a fun thing to experience for three hours so we manage.
(Photo from my 17th birthday )

SIX: AMSTERDAM //  It wasn't really cold enough for a jacket that day but still, I was on a trip so it seemed like a mandatory choice.  (Amsterdam and Ansel Elgort, All in one post!)

SEVEN: SEATTLE // These are some of my most favorite travel pictures/memories ever, so  what a bonus that the sacred green jacket is a part of them.  (More Seattle Photos here!)

EIGHT: TAMPA // Katie and I had totally matching outfits, right down to the brand of our glasses. Moral of the story: wear green jackets and you will get to unintentionally twin with your friends.

NINE: DALLAS // This is the most recent adventure I've had in this jacket. It was FREEZING this day so I also had a mexican blanket wrapped around me...except when the camera came out. (arboretum post)

TEN: HOME // Obviously this is old and obviously I'm aware of the fact that I peaked during senior year so please don't remind me of how much better I/my hair looked. But hey, look at my jacket! Unlike me, it gets better with age.

I don't have any more trips planned currently (other than you know, the daily trips to Target) but you can bet that next time I pack a suitcase, this is gonna be the first thing I throw in.

I mean pack lovingly with care ;)