Broken Thumbs are dumb! Part one.

Long story short, it turns out that softballs are actually not very soft at all.

Three weeks ago I broke my thumb, four days after I had to have surgery to piece it back together again and from then on my right hand has been bandaged up in an awful, homeless-esque splint. It's been a little rough. Gone are the days of doodles, scribbled to do lists and you know, softball itself. Don't get me started on eyeliner (or makeup, or hair in general!) And eating is is fairly awkward...But don't worry, I'm managing just fine on that one ;)

To be honest, the broken bone thing has been a bit of a kill joy. At first it was like, kind of cool! A broken bone, a cool sports injury story and Facebook posts about my surgery! But that wore off after like 3.5 seconds and then it hit me that I had to exist and function in society and fully depend on my left hand (which hadn't proved to be all that coordinated in the past...)

But today I was like, what the heck! I managed a bit of mascara, which is quite a feat these days, and was feeling kind of proud. And in honor of that, We hijacked the last bit of light during a friends senior shoot and documented my right hand in all its poorly bandaged glory.

More photos of my thumb to come. What a thing to look forward too!

Thanks Pinterest

....for saying everything I've been thinking only ten million times better.

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Snow Day in Snoqualmie

I haven't been back to the PNW in a good 3 or 4 years, save a quick wedding a few summers ago.  When I moved away five years ago, I thought I'd never miss the mountains or snow or having to wear a coat at all times for nine months out of the year. Turns out that I don't miss the coat part but I had really, really missed the snow. I don't think I fully realized how much I'd missed it till I took one step into the fresh power and sunk about three feet. Man, snow is fun! Even when you're wearing a mini skirt....because I didn't want anyone passing by to forget that I was from Florida.

So anyway! Snow! Snoqualmie! SO fun.

I'm not saying Florida isn't great...but I'm also not saying that I want to stay there forever. Because winter is basically an excuse to drink as many cups of hot cocoa a day as you and I'm all about that life and gosh, I've missed it!