I haven't used my camera in a good couple months. I couldn't even remember how to set properly set it, the lens kept fogging and disgusting gross men kept getting in the shot. But all in all, I'm grateful for this gem of a friend and   that she a.) exists and b.) made me break out the camera again. 

Sugar Cane Village

When you hear "Sugarcane Village" don't you picture a sweet little village filled with gingerbread houses and sugar cookie inhabitants carrying sugared gumdrops to and fro?

Oh okay. Just me.

In reality, it's nothing like that. Though the children were tan and extra sweet, it was an incredible culture shock to set foot in the batey. I will spare you my attempt at imitating a National Geographic Documentary (and you can read more about Dominican Batey's here) but essentially  they are the poorest villages in the DR. Brought over from Haiti and having been promised stable jobs, the workers find themselves unable to escape the vicious cycle of the sugar cane season, unreasonably low pay and, grueling 14 hour work days.

So yeah. 

Please slap me if I complain about anything in my life ever again.

the whole journey is below....