And then there was Callahan

Have you ever found yourself wandering up and down the seasonal candy aisle at Target and grabbed something random and said, "You know what? I'm worth it!" and then bought whatever it was?

Welcome to every day of my life.

On this particular day, I was feeling especially needy and a stuffed bunny was what I had grabbed. He was especially soft and cute and quickly became a staple in my passenger seat. Pretty soon, Callahan was quite popular. And one senior shoot we decided, why not let Callahan join in?

Callahan, the most photographed stuffed animal in history.

[ Just ] F R I E N D S

I'm thankful that my life isn't perfect. 
Because when I realize how messy life can be,
 I see how perfect God truly is.

Today, I'm thankful for Jesus.
I'm thankful for His love and His grace.
Grateful that His PERFECT love casts out all fear,
and that I can be BOLD because of Him.

I'm thankful for friends that I didn't expect.
Friends that are lightyears older and yet still,
I'm comfortable with.
Through the power of God, I have been blessed
with friendships I couldn't have even fathomed.


Broken thumbs are dumb // part three

I guess Jesus knew what he was talking about after all.

It took me 4 weeks to come to grips (ha!) with the fact that my broken thumb wasn't all bad. Sure, it's annoying when you're trying to shave or open boxes (especially when there's food inside those boxes and you're really hungry.) but all things considered, I still have it pretty easy.

The broken thumb threw a wrench in my plans. No going in the ocean over Spring Break, no handwriting for school or pleasure (a blessing and a curse.) It was hard for me to watch softball games at first. I was jealous! And this time not about the fact that they could throw the ball well, but that they could actually throw it at all.

It showed me that I'm not in control.
And I didn't like that very much. 

God has a funny way of teaching us things. Sometimes its through people or experiences. Sometimes, it's a broken bone. And one day it hit me that the entire ordeal of breaking my thumb wasn't just so I could be annoyed or irritated or drop my phone 1000x per day (#coordination), but so that I could learn something. What is God teaching me, you ask? I wanted to find out before another thumb was broken to get my attention.

After checking out at Target a few days ago,  the thought "I'll miss my splint!" popped into my head. I took it back a few seconds later, I hate my splint! It's horrible!....or is it? My right hand has been suffocated by savage looking splints and bandages for the past month, and within that month (and because of that splint) I've had the opportunity to talk to more people than ever before.

The little neighbor girls ask about it every time I walk by, it'll be the thing to stir up a conversation with an old friend. Heck, even the 7-11 employees are convinced I broke it doing extreme thumb wrestling. I've heard more life stories, regaling of broken limbs from strangers and I've loved every second of getting to talk to different people. And I'm grateful for this fractured, fragment of a thumb because without it, I wouldn't have had the opportunity or a reason to talk to any of them.

So next time you break your thumb, it's okay to be mad at it and yell about it if you must and eat some chocolate (if you can get the package open). But then, take a chill pill (or some ibuprofen) and see what God is trying to teach you. Because whatever that is, it's always worth the pain, the tears and the difficulty of showering with your dominant hand wrapped a garbage bag.


(Thanks to sarah for these photos! And thank you to everyone who has been so wonderful to me during this process.)

Here's to you, Hugh

The other day Creighton asked me if I still post on my blog. I said yes, of course(!) but casually left off the fact that I post about him.

Taking Creighton's senior photos was kind of surreal. I've know him since we were 5 years old and we used to play war together in the treehouse (I was always the nurse, I'll have you know.) Before we moved our families went on field trips to trader joes together, when we moved the came to visit us and every single year of high school 90% of our classes were taken together. And the best part is, we've been in the family zone since the day we met! No awkwardness, just brother and sister and chauffeur and fashion advisor.

Pretty proud of these images, pretty proud of my little brother and very very sad that High School is peacing out.

(First mention of brother hugh here...oh how the time flies!)

Broken thumbs are dumb // part two

I broke my thumb on a very cold Thursday. I had just come from class and Jenna was with me. We stopped at the corner $tore for water bottles and then headed to practice. And then an hour later we were huddled in the dugout, hiding from the aggressive winds and filling up the camera roll with photos of my now very irregular looking thumb.

At first, no one believed that  I had  broken my thumb! I didn't really either actually. It was so unimpressive, a ball just hit it and then I said ow and then 10 minutes later it still hurt just as much. I didn't even cry! My mom was really proud.

For those of you who are passionately curious about thumbs and how they break (or mine, in particular.) it was a clean break down the middle, that split my thumb in half lengthwise to the first knuckle.

Gross right? And silly old me too! I mean, I was half expecting to break my thumb texting, so you can imagine my surprise.

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