Season of Change (and a trip to Oxford Exchange)

Dear friends,
it is with equal parts sadness and excitement that I announce....I LIKE COFFEE. It's been an incredible journey for me. Through thick and thin, my friends have been an amazing support group. Encouraging me to finish every cup, say no to extra creamer and to try seasonal flavors. Also, thank you to Chickfila for providing free coffee for AN ENTIRE MONTH and not being upset when I went 4 times a day...for three weeks straight. I am so grateful for this process, it's been beautiful and messy and full of coffee stained clothing. But despite all that, it's worth it.


Because now I can go into cool coffee shops and actually order something.

I actually didn't order coffee, if I'm being honest. I ordered a pot of pumpkin spice tea and drank the whole. darn. thing. In under an hour, which was pretty impressive! However, I did steal a few...okay quite a few) sips of my friends coffee (both iced, hot, and London fog edition) and they were all amazing.


Love, Kryn.