Hasta la vista HEAT!

Every Tuesday or Wednesday for the past 5 YEARS I have been a part of a little homeschool co-op. From Greek (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta...) to Drama, Economics (#NEVERAGAIN) to Civics, I've taken it all. I've made nearly all my friends there, eaten more bags of stale cheetos than I'd like to admit and cried and struggled and triumphed all in one place.

(*cue the inspirational music*)

My last day EVER of Heat classes was yesterday. It was bittersweet....but mostly bitter for me. I am so blessed by all the experiences that HEAT has brought me, and I'll always be grateful for the memories made within those horrible pumpkin colored walls.

Last year's mini performance involved Elephants...this year I was a Scarlett Ohara inspired Cinderella. Who also memorized her lines at 11:54 the night before because, overachiever. And sadly it showed in my performance! But what's even more sad is that I didn't really care either. What can I say, I was just trying to test my improv skills!

(no that is not my boyfriend, fake or real. BFF andrew tho.)

I can't even explain how much I love these two (or our group texts that literally make me cry from laughter....multiple times a day.) Baes for life.

Much blessed. Very wow. And a happy high school season is over! (the number of posts I will have to write like this in the next year has caused me to consider making another blog dedicated to my sappy HIGH SCHOOL IS OVER POSTS.

I can't handle it!

Warning: Capitol Kids at play

What a difference a year makes!

Last week we all donned blazers and bow ties (and unintentionally....a few blisters!) Our group grew and changed in multiple ways! We spoke up more, even me! Well....only to request lunch, but that's an improvement!

This Teen Pact event was kind of weird. I of course had a good time and all, learned a lot and the like, but there was just something different about it! I'm not sure what it was, maybe that everyone in my room was 15 or under. And not that I don't love me some 15 year olds, but there were not as many friend options there. I can only talk about Hannah Montana for so long, ya feel me?

I no doubt would have died without Angie Bae! She's only 15 (See! I do love them! Just not when they're talking and I'm trying to sleep and oh, it's 2 am) but holy smokes, she's like a wise sensei! She loves the Lord like nobody business and every time she opens her mouth I take notes.( Not really exaggerating either.) Plus she happened to be with me ALL week - through the GRACE of God we we ended up in the same car and committee and everything. #foreverbound

And of course, Sweet Kack! This time she decided she really wanted to join our Hometown Squad, I'd only been saying that for like a year but whatever! And I mean,  so what if she stole my ex fake boyfriend!? (or more like, so what that I set her up with my ex? If you wanna get technical and all.)

1.) SO Thankful for the BEST committee leaders ever. (main teddy #1 not pictured!)  2.) The sport coat squad slays all. 3.) Family photo FINALLY with my little brothers (emphasis on little) who I, for some reason, am okay being seen with, despite their unfortunate tie choices. (#grandmascouch)

It was an amazing week!!! Despite the 15 year olds at 2 am and despite the Everest sized pile of homework that awaited my return. All in all, God is good. 

ps: #tbt to state class last year. Gosh, we were all babies!


It's really a shame that we all can't be Taylor Swift.

I'm not even a huge Swift fangirl or anything, but I think there must be charming things that come along with being Taylor Swift (1. popularity 2. good parking 3. photoshop) Oh, and being able to rock a red lip!

I used to be under the impression that you had to be T-Swift in order to wear red lipstick...sucessfully. But it turns out you don't have to be! You can just be yourself and get lipstick on your teeth and die of embarrassment later. But I wouldn't know from experience.

B L U S H I N G   B E A U T Y

This one is great for when you're just dipping your toes into the hypothetical waters of red lipstick. On the softball field, at church, this one is a versatile color. And the tube has polka dots on it I mean HELLO. #turnon

(Benefit Bene Balm. $18)

R E D -  Y   O R  N O T  
When you want to be like Taylor Swift but without the commitment of a color that requires you to check your teeth every 24 seconds (been there, done that). These glosses are great (I'm on my 5th or so) and this color is no exception. Looks great with black, pearls and a little bit of sass.

(NYX Butter gloss in Cherry Pie. $6)

T H E  R E A L  D E A L
Okay so once you've mastered the lip balm and the lip gloss, it's time to graduate from Red Lip Academy and move on to bigger and better and bolder and brighter things! Always have a mirror or camera phone ready for mandatory lip stick checks! Just make sure to do it when your crush is not looking....see there's more to the art of wearing lipstick than meets the eye!

(Revlon Lipstick in Love that Red, $8)

There you have it! The little army of red lip products that can lead you to a life of song lyric fulfillment.

Is there anything more to life?

"And I've got that 
thing that you like"


Karistian rules April Fools.

My mother called me around 10 am. Get dressed, put on some makeup, and maybe some heels! I for one, can't ever say no to an order to wear heels. But this occasion was better than most, because this occasion was April Fools.

Creighton (behind the camera) and Christian (faux boyfriend, see above and below) are basically my brothers. I used to be at their house all the time as a kid, and now (still kids ;) we've graduated from the treehouse to doing school together. On the one hand it would have been cute if it was true....childhood friends falling in love. But on the other hand, we've all been family-zoned since age 5. So that would be awkward.

The whole process of taking the photos, deciding which ones to post, discouraging friends from thinking it was April Fools (never bribed so many friends in such a short amount of time) and of course, pranking my father was so exciting and exhilarating that I ended up throwing up at 2 am!

(I don't get out much.)

But, if a fake relationship can do that to me, I don't think I want to know what a real one could be capable of.  But the reactions made it all worth it - they were hilarious and ALL over the place. I knew something would happen with them! She's engaged!? (sorry, uncle not so!) wait....is that Christian...or Creighton? 
To those of you were disappointed it wasn't true...thanks for believing it was possible for me to be in love with something other than chocolate. Maybe if his name started with Hazelnut and ended in Spread we would have a better chance of lasting more than 24 hours. But no promises.