Christmas, in NYC!

My biggest regret in life is not being signed up for dance lessons at 3 months old. I've ALWAYS wanted to be a dancer of some kind (jazz, ballet, hip hop! whatever!) but it never happened (no matter how much I tried!) I had, for the most part, laid my dance dreams to rest but OH MAN. As the Rockettes kicked and tapped and danced my only thoughts were along the lines of  "I should be on stage, not sitting in this seat! I can get my leg that high, right!? YEAH!" (ahem, I can't).

After the show was over, I googled the height limit and found out that I was 1/4 of an inch too short. Which was sad! But it was also kind of a relief because at least I felt like my entire childhood hadn't been wasted by not taking dance, I wouldn't have been a rockette anyhow. Darn you, genetics!

So since I can't be a Rockette, I'll just have to settle for being the Rockettes biggest fan!

(but I'm still working on my kicks....just in case they change the height requirement! I mean, it IS the 21st century after all!)

I can't even tell you how glorious it felt to witness something as wonderful as the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Besides having my room redone by Ty Pennington, seeing the Rockettes in person was one of my first childhood dreams. And I have now! With my own eyes! Blessed and blissful doesn't even begin to describe it.

You know those moments where you want to freeze time and just sit back for a bit and take in how wonderful life is?

Christmas in NYC was one of those times.

What really should have been on insta...

This is one of those moments that you DON'T see on instagram!

Let me explain.... There's this online shop called and it's like a unicorn and a fairy joined forces and created this magical little cotton candy colored world with the cutest (also most pointless). things.

Cute and pointless, is it possible describe me in fewer words? (I think not!)

Well it jus so happened that was having a pop up shop over the holidays and we happened to be in town during opening hours and you know! We went and we walked in and it was a slew of outrageously dressed women in the most L.A outfits I'd ever seen. The air was heavily scented with the sweetness of cotton candy and then I brushed shoulders (accidentally) with the owner (who has pink hair) and I got this weird case of startruckness and literally FROZE.

(talk about awkward!)

I was shaking for like 2 hours cupcakes were in order! Anyone who knows me knows that sprinkles cupcakes was responsible for 90% of the calories I consumed as a pimply pre-teen and to this day they are still another beloved extension of my soul. We got to use the cupcake atm which felt very futuristic and yet pointless. And the a photo op by the Ice cream store and I was set for life.

Thank you Sprinkles Cupcakes for always making me happy. And thank you to for keeping my accessories shelf stocked and my heart rate up!


I have many talents, but one is picking really lame movies. Literally every time a friend and I go to the movies...the best part is how terrible it was.

Nearly 12 months ago, Emily and I were eating pizza and perusing netflix for a movie, as you do way too many nights as well. Somehow (somehow) we managed to stumble upon the movies Josh Huterchson has been in and we found a perfect, cheesy, pizza worthy movie. (watch it HERE. Actually don''s almost TOO cheesy.)

The movie was set in Carmel by-the-sea and at once I was intrigued. Anything with the word carmel involved grabs my attention and the fact that it was in California helped it hold my attention for a verrrry long time. I honestly don't even remember the movie too well, but I will forever associate it (and josh huterchsons chin and Carmel, California) with the happy memories of one of the last times My EXBFF (Gosh! Doesn't that sound dramatic.) and I spent together.

Soap Opera, over and out.

It was actually a really magical few hours spent in Carmel by the Sea (and not at all sad and without lonely "i lost my best friend!" feelings!) After lunch, dad was on a work call and mom was napping in the car and I was left with a deliciously wonderful town to explore alone. I ended up spending my time chatting with some random people in a cosmetic and it felt really fun. Actually no, it was fun! Plus, I was shopping too! I mean, what more could I want?

Thank You Carmel By The Sea, for everything. You were a dream (i didn't know I had!) come true!

SAN FRAN DISCO, Forever in my heart.

This view is one I might never see again.

It is also one I will never forget.

(also, i'm not dramatic at all.)

Welcome to December, part 2! Where I blog about everything that happened in december and where i also, won't judge you for the Christmas music you're still listening too! First we are winding back the clocks to a time far ago where I got my last glimpse of the Golden Gate! She's been good to me this year, I'm sad to see her go!

And with that, December begins (again!) Isn't that magical?

To 2015 and beyond!

I have typed out a thousand variations of this post, and yet! None of them work. My feelings for this year are mostly a mix of denial, fear and cautious curiosity (which feelings like that can only lead to one thing: Nutella!) I mean, my senior year begins and I turn 18 (I demand a recount!) and just in the past few days I've been hit with the "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE!?!?!?" feelings.

(Besides lots of pajama days, I've got no grand plans for my future....In case you were wondering!)

On this January 1st, I have NO idea what is in store for this year. But I know that through God's grace, little by little,  I'll travel far. He's got a plan and a path for me to follow....I'll take it day by day and let you know where I end up.

These things sound cheesy (I can't help myself!) I'd love to fall in love with my life. Even on the most boring days, my life is amazing. Sure it's not perfect, our family fights and I have bad grades and sometimes we run out of chocolate....but I hope this year I'll truly be able to appreciate how blessed I am. Even though we fight, I do have a family! Even though school isn't fun, I go to a great school and have so much support. And yeah, sometimes we run out of chocolate....but thank god I have an emergency stash!

2015 won't be about the latest or the greatest, it'll be about appreciate what's right in front of me. I may not be able to go to New York on a whim, but I have those memories! And those alone are enough....for now ;)!


A HABIT TO BREAK// I first wrote down "staying up late" and the next one that popped into my head was "stop gossiping"....and then i realized, they go hand in hand! The earlier I go to bed, the less chance I have to stick my nose in other peoples business and the better I feel in the morning. It's amazing how all these things work!

A NEW SKILL TO LEARN// In the past few months it has because painfully obvious that I enjoy singing and dancing....I say painfully because, I'm pretty terrible at both! And while it might be weird to be starting ballet at 17, YOLO! It would be even weirder at 20 so I'm just gonna suck it up and wear tights. Pray for me. ;)

A PERSON TO BE MORE LIKE// I have this wonderful friend named MaryHelen who is literally an angel. And she has this one habit that always leaves us speechless, jealous and determined to imitate. She has this magical gift of sensing when someone needs help (whether its picking up something, saying hello to someone who's lonely or cleaning up) and it's amazing. I'm not sure I can get up to her level this year, but MaryHelen is the person to be in 2015. (Did I also mention, she's 14? And then I question what I've done with my life....)

A GOOD DEED TO DO// 1.) PRAY FOR PEOPLE and 2.) Tell people whom I appreciate, that I appreciate them!

A PLACE TO VISIT// Our travel destinations have been greatly limited (more on that later!) ....sadly my list of places to visit hasn't diminished quite as quickly! I'm really just hoping to explore and appreciate Florida more. (Maybe Charleston? Savannah? Somewhere with good biscuits and gravy.)

A BOOK TO READ// ALWAYS the Bible, because you can never get enough. But I'd like to knock 10 or so of my Goodreads list (aka, my non school list!) Just some nice and cheesy books, you know!

TO WRITE// This is one of those things that sounds great in your head....and really dumb out loud! So I'm just going to keep it secret (like, we all know how well I do with those!) and work on my secret project. Meanwhile, you super sleuths can have a ball guessing what it is!

A NEW FOOD TO TRY// Working on my wife skills, I'm planning on preparing the Thanksgiving feast! Boys like that right? And depending on how it goes, I may or may not leave you all with my number...JUST in case ;).

SIMPLIFY// My wardrobe. I really only wear about 50% of it (and mostly black now, crossing my fingers this is just a "winter" funk!) But regardless, I need to downsize and curate my wardrobe a bit more. Didn't that sound fancy?!

FOR FUN// -Do childish things with my hair! Win the eyebrow game (or at least play it!) and GET A DISCO BALL!!!! WOOOOHOOO!

2015....we can do this! Let's go forward in grace and as always, consume a lot of sugar.

(2015 and 2014 might have more in common than I originally thought!)

"Conduct yourselves with all humility, gentleness, and patience. Accept each other with love."
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