What. A. Year.

It's hard to complain about a year like this. Because even though it was incredibly hard, it was equally necessary. A painful cleansing, if you will. And even though the between the two is very blurry at times, I'll respect the fact that this blog isn't a full blown emo diary (yet!) and instead talk about the very good things that 2016 brought me. These are just some of the things that brought a little joy to my day

Hashbrowns are 100% involved.


TBH 2016 was like an entire blooper reel. But alas, here are the great favorites.

It's not easy being this uncoordinated or un-photogenic. But when life gives you lemons (or bad posing intuition), you just gotta take photos anyway.

Bloopers of 2015
Bloopers of 2014

And what a tradition we have started! I can't wait to carry this one on with my cats and grand-cats.


I told her I was taking a gap year and her response wasn't quite what I expected.
"Enjoy your last year at home!" she said, "It's so special."

I laughed really hard. And then I cried.

But I cried a lot harder than I laughed.


Never mind the fact that her home town is actually in Germany (and that I actually drove through it last summer but didn't have time to stop but alas) LISA FINALLY CAME HOME!  

You may remember Lisa from blog posts past. She came and stayed with mutual friend a couple summers ago and we hung out 24/7. This visit, she stayed with me and it felt SO right having her in our home. Having a car (and more freedoms) this time made it so much more fun, and different. Even though she wasn't here for very long, the house seems so empty without her sweet, curious presence.

Last year I took an unbelievable amount of photos of Lisa (Remember when we got donuts? Or went to the beach? And went to church? Me too.) This time wasn't quite the same, between work and class and general social fiasco's, we didn't have much time for a photoshoot. But the day she left we headed down to the park for 20 minutes and well...it made up for all the lost time ;)



IT REALLY WAS A WONDERFUL REUNION.  We hung out with Mary, the OG, and watched movies and stayed up late talking. Oh and the beach! It wouldn't be a proper time with Lisa without a little tanning session (even though 20 minutes in the sun can't make up for a whole semester inside, but we can dream.)

These photos represent a blog post in it of itself but that will come later. For now, know that we almost snuck into a bar at midnight in downtown Orlando. But we opted for cookies instead; a good safe, homeschooler choice it was. 

I also happened to have a white house sugar cookie house kit in my closet (#justgirlythings) so we made the white house Trump themed. Apparently we are prophets because this was months before the election and who would have guessed our joke would have come true. Honestly I'd rather have him in a sugar cookie white house than the actual one but alas. America.

And on a final note, if you've been following along for a while, I have the urge to explain how to pronounce her name. You might have been reading it as "Lisa" with an incredibly stale white bread pronunciation (don't worry, that was me for like 6 months. You're not alone.) Her name is actually pronounced "LEEZA". Now you know! 

I love you Lisa.
Come back!


It's a great day at Chick-Fil-A

Do you love food? Do you love nice people? Do you love free refills?

Then you love Chick-Fil-A

I don't know about your childhood, but the homeschool circles I grew up in literally revolved around Chick-Fil-A. We met there before volleyball games (and after too.) Any day trip or away game was planned strategically so that our lunch stop would just so happen to be at an exit where there was a Chick-Fil-A. We sold calendars to everyone and their cousin and a party was only good if there was a 120 count nugget tray on the table.

I'm not even joking either. We all really love CFA.

Literally everyone I knew worked there. And so one day when I went in with my friend for an interview, the manager asked me if I was interviewing too. Being the very strategic, planned out person that I am I replied, "No but I'm applying next week!"

The thought of working there hadn't even entered my mind 5.0 seconds ago, but sure. Why not.

I know Chick-Fil-A isn't the place for everyone, or even a job I'll want to have for too terribly long. But it has been wonderful to me in this season of life. First of all, money. Second of all, commitment. I shy away from commitment 90% of the time, thanks to my nomadic upbringing and chaotic, spur of the moment lifestyle. But it's been good and grounding for me to go to work, and to know I'll have to go (until I get fired lol)

(which almost happened once. Because of cake!)

(and we don't even sell cake)

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CHICKEN LIFE include but are not limited too:
-bruises in every possible place-
-almost getting fired for taking 3 cupcakes and 2 slices of cake from the birthday party-
-having a lizard run over my ankle (?? yes) while taking an order outside-
-farmers tan-
-working with my friends-
-until we got mad at one another-
-because working with your friends isn't always a good idea-
-tbt to the time an entire tower of bread fell on me-
-or when my manager sprayed whip cream all over my foot and I couldn't wipe it off for 20 minutes-
-having customers order lemon sugar water-
-becoming the shooting star employee from a falling star moment-

You'll probably never catch me in Bermuda shorts anywhere else but every day at Chick-Fil-A is a great day. (Even when you shoes are constantly coated in chicken nuggets and you have stress dreams about spicy deluxes.)

A St. Augustine summer

I talk about doing a lot of things. I talk about getting my ears pierced, deleting snapchat, ordering a pair of glasses that are actually the right prescription and so on. But rarely do I ever actually do those things. So you can see why we were especially proud of ourselves for actually following through on our grand ideas and making this adventure happen.

(we didn't plan on being chased by a boy on a bike but you know, what can you do.)

Kryn goes to college!

Kryn goes to college!
(and comes home two hours later)
Community college is pretty anti-clamantic, and very unlike the typical college experience. There is no rush week, no picture perfect dorm rooms with color coordinating trash cans, wall art and lofted bed storage. No football team, few clubs and idk, really no motivation either.

That being said, I still made a huge deal about which agenda I would use. Because it's tradition!
And by tradition I mean that it's a tradition for me to be as ridiculously un-practical as possible.

You'll see what I mean in a second...
This year there were two winners! But unlike last year, I decided to go ahead and keep them both. Logical? Practical? Resourceful? NEVER. But at least this year, we don't have to add unorganized to the list. I'm planned out to till December and man, I love it.

I'm using the Day Designer Agenda this year. It was sad to bid farewell to the saturated sunshine hues of the Lilly Pulitzer agendas, but HOURLY agenda in the Day Designer made the bittersweet break up a whole lot more sweet than bitter. 
My favorite portion of this planner is the small G R A T I T U D E section. Theres a big enough space to write down a couple things, but generally I just jot down one great thing about every day. Sometimes it's a big thing, other days it's something simple like taking a good photo or not getting caught at every red light on the way to work. It's easy to think we have nothing to be grateful for but in reality, if I really listed everything, I could fill ten of those little boxes every day.
And so, another unorthodox school year is upon us. (old habits die hard?) I've got a good routine, I actually enjoy all of my classes and to top it off, my study buddy is really cute (even though she sits on top of my textbooks....while I'm reading them.)  

May good grades and extra cups of coffee be ever in my favor!

(No thanks to you, Sophie.)

PS: 2014 Agenda and my 2015 Agenda. My shorts are J.Crew, bralette: Urban


SIXTH SUMMER // SUMMER SIXTEEN from @thegirlkryn on Vimeo.

I have actually been trying to insert this video into a blog post for a solid two months. I know I’m only 18 but man, do I feel out of touch. But anyway, in the process of trying and failing to inset the video, Summer seemed to stretch out a little further, albeit only mentally but still!

This was a steady summer, consistent. Every day wasn't thrilling or downright terrible. It was routine and predictable and that was actually just what I needed. I spent a lot of time on self-care, which I had always thought was selfish in years past but as it turns out, self-care is essential for being strong enough to then help others. And an obscene amount of flower photos were taken but I mean, what else would you expect from me?

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS SONG[in this video]? Because it is was my summer theme song. Every day, all day. And I don’t even like country! I tried about 4 other “cooler” songs for this video, ones with a better bead and more abstract lyrics but no. Only this twangy country love song (literally all my least favorite things) would do. 

(I promise, if you hate country and love songs and banjos...you'll probably love this too.)

You might be wondering about how well I did with my summer list! (See it here.)  You also might not care at all but just in case you’re part of the first group, I’ll briefly touch on it.

And by briefly I mean, you’ll be here till next summer. 

I actually accomplished almost everything on the list. Can you believe I had never driven through a drive through? I mean, relatively speaking I just got my license last week so it makes a little more sense. Obviously the chopping off of my hair was a success and I had acrylic nails for 3 months as expected, all my childhood dreams came true. However, as I child I didn't realize how incredibly difficult it would be to open ANYTHING with acrylic nails so alas, they had to come off. It's pretty bad when you can't even open your makeup, right?


Thanks to the technical difficulties that prolonged the publishing of this post, we all got to soak in a little more sun and squeeze in a couple more beach days. Who are we kidding, we still go to the beach! But now we bring our textbooks ;)



I haven't used my camera in a good couple months. I couldn't even remember how to set properly set it, the lens kept fogging and disgusting gross men kept getting in the shot. But all in all, I'm grateful for this gem of a friend and   that she a.) exists and b.) made me break out the camera again. 

Sugar Cane Village

When you hear "Sugarcane Village" don't you picture a sweet little village filled with gingerbread houses and sugar cookie inhabitants carrying sugared gumdrops to and fro?

Oh okay. Just me.

In reality, it's nothing like that. Though the children were tan and extra sweet, it was an incredible culture shock to set foot in the batey. I will spare you my attempt at imitating a National Geographic Documentary (and you can read more about Dominican Batey's here) but essentially  they are the poorest villages in the DR. Brought over from Haiti and having been promised stable jobs, the workers find themselves unable to escape the vicious cycle of the sugar cane season, unreasonably low pay and, grueling 14 hour work days.

So yeah. 

Please slap me if I complain about anything in my life ever again.

the whole journey is below....


Adulthood entails voting, smoking, paying bills, eating healthy/veggies, paying taxes, worrying, leaving zits alone, parallel parking properly, tattoos, getting excited about vacuum cleaners and remembering to take your vitamins. And nothing says "Welcome to adulthood, you'll be fine!" like a survival kit.

Though very sarcastic in nature, this kit was well intended. And while I know I'm just a few seconds into my adulthood adventure, an adulthood survival kit (one with real money instead of fake money, preferably) would have been very helpful. But for a friends 18th birthday (and a desperately needed outlet for my creative energy), the not-so-helpful adulthood survival kit was essential.

used best for cuts, scratches and broken hearts.
as in candy, because it's not that kind of box.
jk its rly expensive, so we included some fake money to
 help and also coupons for a free profile photo.
Because socks always go missing and that's a 
fact of life all adults must accept.
don't worry, talking to her dad first is a part of the treatment plan.
strictly for lighting birthday candles and roman candles, 
even though legal lung cancer is now an option.

So if you ever find yourself with an abundant supply of tick tacks, red paper and red stickers, one fabulous white gel pen, fake money, a lighter, socks, bandages, candy and great life advice (Eat your veggies, pay your bills, and call your mom once a month.), and a friend entering adulthood, maybe you should make an adulthood-survival kit too.

And make me one while you're at it. Because I need all the help I can get.


I'm sure you've all been wondering, what is she going to do with her life?? And for those of you who automatically assumed that I would continue living in my over-saturated, iced coffee la-la land...well you're only half right. 

This post was originally going to be about my bathrobe that I love other mid-summer favorites. But in the course of opening my computer and logging in (jk, who even has time to log out these days?) it morphed into a mid-summer state of the union. But I'll probably talk about the bathrobe at some point because its really comfy.

Last year when my parents proposed a gap year, I was vehemently apposed the idea of taking a year away from social events for a calm interlude between high school and college. Which apparently God thought my opinion was funny because lol, here I am. And not only that, but after the dramatic turn of events that ensued this past school year, nothing sounds better than not having to worry about decorating a dorm room or climbing yet another social ladder.

So what am I doing? I'M STAYING HOME.

That's hard, humbling and not what I want in the least. But it's what God has for me and moreover, it's what I need. I need time to heal, time to grow and time to rest, both physically and in God's grace.   50% of my friends are leaving for school, the rest are embarking on the great journey that is senior year.  Through this whole process I have come to realize that my journey is my own. Which sounds very cliche and obnoxiously new age but it's true! What is right for one friend might not be right for me. A choice they make in their life might not be what God has planned for me.

And that it's okay that life is that way.
And I'm learning to be okay with that. 

I picked these photos for this post because they're cute and also, significant. Because, during that week, I realized that serving God is less about what I pictured and more about how I fit into His big picture. And thankfully for my instagram feed, He has me in my over-saturated la-la land for a little while longer.

PS: Previous state of the union, oh so official.


The one thing (besides math) that I'll never understand? How girls get attached to their hair.

I'm not sure if I'm in the minority or the majority or if anyone actually cares, but it's always confused me. There are girls who can't imagine anything other than long, luscious locks and other girls who are  at peace with pixie cuts. And while I threatened to shave my head for a good long while, (drama queen), I ended up with a mild, mid length chop that feels just right and only slightly rebellious.
I've been growing my hair out since I was fifteen for the sole purpose of having a drastic haircut. Talk about desperate for attention!  My hairstylist, bless his heart, commented on it, "I've never seen someone so excited!" And every time he thought he was finished, I'd have him cut off more. It was incredibly thrilling (and oddly cathartic) to see what had once been my sweaty pony tail or my dutch braids in a pile on the floor.

So if your life is ever stressful, forget the long walk on the beach or the relaxing bubble bath, go get your hair cut off!

The first documentation of my new, improved, and much less dead hair was at the local art museum. The museum, though ambitious for our sleepy town,  was kind of a flop because we do not live in an artistically inclined area of Florida/The USA/The World and it was also at least 1083403 degrees outside (and inside) and I wore jeans.

But we had fun face-swapping with the pieces and pondering what deep emotions the artist was trying to convey through the comical and perplexing portraits that graced the gallery walls.

But mostly face-swapping.
THANK YOU TO....The random local artist for so 
many incredible face swaps and a killer snapchat story.

THANK YOU TO...Matt, my hairstylist, for doing his best to 
set me up with the cute boy in the chair across from me.

THANK YOU TO....Mom and dad for the $$$ so I didn't
 have to wing this haircut and pull a midnight-youtube-tutorial-fueled chop.

THANK YOU TO....Sarah for documenting this adventure and for 
enduring such an interesting and haunting museum with me.

AND FINALLY....Thank you to Jesus for not making me be attached to my hair. 
Life is way to short to fall in love with split ends.