Five years ago on a warm sunny Tuesday, I started this blog. And over those five years this about page copy has been written and rewritten a thousand times over because dang it! A girl can change a lot in 5 years. That being said, a few things have stood the test of (teenage adolescent) time. No matter, Jesus is always my first love (sorry nutella!). Despite that ONE unfortunate week where I claimed red was my favorite color, Pink will always reign supreme. I first picked up (or rather....stole) my brothers camera and have been taking photos religiously for the past EIGHT YEARS. And after all that, my selfies still stink.

The best way to learn about me to is to dive head first into the archives of this blog. No doubt you'll stumble upon some blackmail material, feel free to laugh and zoom in on the photos and send me screenshots.

Have fun. Laugh a lot. And eat some chocolate!