Peace from San FranDisco!

I guess it's a tradition to find some sort of pun or something for places we travel to (The Juan You Love, anyone?) Anyway, puns aside let's talk about San Francisco!
My love affair with San Francisco began on my bed, of all places, while I was no doubt wearing my cool print pajama pants (which have long since been sent to Goodwill). I was busy plowing through easy reading books for the library summer reading program (gosh, I miss those!) and the Julie books were in my stack. And I don't know if it was the flare jeans or the fortune cookies, but those silly books have had me wanting to travel to San Fran (and the Hippie era, thank you very much!) since good ol' 2009.
And so, my irrational love of San Francisco and the hippies who inhabit it was born! Hippies have come up serveral times here on the blog (Hippie Vans! Hippie party! Hippie Haven! oh my!)
So obviously you can see why setting foot on San Francisco soil was such, a big, deal.

▲▲ Yay for cliché! Nothing like a touristy photo to set the mood for a post of touristy greatness! Contrary to the faux smile I had going on, I was kind of miserable at that point so I don't think I really appreciated the bridge as much as I should have (My excuses are that I was hungry, freezing and my feet were bleeding. Yes?)

 ▲▲ At the Full House house, on the stoop, no less! Let's all take a moment to honor the scrunchies and the crimped hair that made that show infinitely better. Oh and the mullets! Those need a moment (or two!)
 ▲▲ Some snaps of the city! Cities begin to look the same after a while, but thanks to the hills SF had different views. So my photos are slightly different than every other US city post you've suffered through, hooray for change!
So, dreams do come true! And while I didn't get to see Julie and Ivy running around with their fortune cookies and flare jeans (shouting hippie catch phrases, of course) I did get to see SF and that's pretty much all a girl could ask for.
ps: feel free to browse the hippie hashtag. (thank you, I think I will!)

pps: sarah, you still should have won the costume contest! #hippiesarenotfair

Some pink for spring! (how unsual!)

I feel like every new season, I need a few refresher makeup items. Granted, need is a relative term, but still! One should never underestimate the powers of a fresh coat of lipstick or a swipe of new nail polish. It's one of life's greatest mysteries how something can simple can totally brighten our moods.
In other words, girls are really confusing!
Anyway, for spring I was feeling the hot pink. Which is funny because as a pink girl through and through, the amount of hot pink I have is surprisingly small. So of course, I had to remedy that situation! Essies "Mod Squad" (So good!) and a NYX lipstick in "Fig" seemed to do the trick nicely.
What colors are you sporting this Spring?

Let there be (cherry) blossoms

As if I could really take a trip to DC and only post one sentence, ha!
As we all know, last year we went to say hello to the Cherry Blossoms...only to find out that they are incredibly shy and decided to not show their faces to us. I still saw pretty blossoms, but not the official "tidal basin blossoms". And obviously, one can't rest until she sees that sight with her very own eyes.
Or, something along those lines.
So at midnight we decided we didn't want to do school the next day (who does, anyway!) and instead we spent our Monday in a much more enjoyable manner (basically sitting on an airplane for 6 hours with a quick pit stop in DC, but let's not get technical.)
▲▲ One thing you don't see on instagram is the outtakes, so here ya go! It was so incredibly windy....and I wore a dress. I don't think I need to say much more on that topic, but I will say that I felt bad for all the poor Mormon boys who saw me. (there were tons!) Honesty Hour, over and out.
 ▲▲ Remember those pink vibes I spoke of? I WAS FEELING THEM ON NEW LEVELS. You really can't find this much pink goodness anywhere else.
▲▲ This selfie is so bad that it isn't really worth mentioning, but here I am! Just thought I'd share the fact that I have no pride or self esteem anymore (apparently?) because I was walking on the side of a highway while sending snapchats. I should probably be embarrassed, but no.
▲▲ Let's ignore my awkward facial expression and instead give a shout out to my mother! It's taken a lot of yelling and arm waving and blurry photos, but we are getting there! Yay for a photographer in training.
 Thanks DC! It's been fun getting to know you!
(previous DC trip here, and last years blossoms HERE!)


You know friends, goals can be set at any time of the month! It's kind of ironic how I'm to lazy to post goals till April 19th, but I digress. No time like the present, am I right? Anyway, These past few months have been slow! I've needed slow, after a crazy winter. And not to be all seasonal and bring you into a weather talk induced coma but I am ready for summer in every way possible. (And I'm sure I'm the only one who feels that way....yeah right.)

mail those letters!
try new hairstyles
eat better breakfasts
work on lettering
bake cookies

Okay, this kryn is over and out!

suddenly, it was spring.


-Find a fun song ("In the Sun" seems to be my Spring tune, for obvious reasons!)
-throw on your favorite dress (floral prints do nicely!)
-and don't forget the sandals! (and fresh pedicure too, while you are at it.)
-casually wander into your neighbors yard and take pictures (and only later realize they have a security camera....)


For our last shindig of the year, a few skits were in order! Not by choice I might add, but we do what we gotta do. As if Pride and Prejudice wasn't enough! Thankfully this time the audience was smaller and the best part - no cape!

(Pride and Prejudice photos here, for those of you with some time to kill.)

▲▲ This was our homely, humble and very home schooled version of the three little pigs. But since pigs are too main stream, we went with elephants because who doesn't want to sport wrinkles before their time? Also a 6"4 mouse, because anything less would be a let down!

▲▲ This feels a little Wizard of Ozish to me, I don't know! But the angels were looking out for me, as I got cast in a group of all my favorites (clearly not cast for my elephant imitation skills because well...)

▲▲ And leave it to snapchat to capture our true beauty! If this is any indication of how we will look with wrinkles, I might look into a deserted island option for obvious reasons.

And just like that, we've only got 2 weeks of school left! I remember the first day of drama, being so scared that I forgot how old I was and how many states I've been too (my most prized information! I clearly don't have a way with numbers.) In the end it was all good, I learned so much about friends and being a good friend and that sometimes its okay to be the biggest idiot in the room.

Anyway, time for this elephant to hang up her trunk!

"Thank you, God, for this good life 
and forgive us if we do not love it enough."

Inspired by a blurry photo...


I. Once I went to a ballet that involved birds. But mid dance, of the birds flew away and, somehow, ended up with me. Sadly I can't comment on the ballet because after that I was pretty intent on petting this cutie (...and making sure he didn't poop on me. There' life for ya.)

II. As I was holding said bird, a lady came up and began talking bird with me. Which mostly involved her saying birdy things and me nodding, since I know so little about feathered creatures. After trying to get away for an awkward while, I finally just walked off to which the lady followed, but instead of more bird talk, she stuck her hand in my purse and asked "Got any spare change?"

III. These photos make me so doggone excited to get my braces off (FINALLY!) this coming month. I'm hoping that once I ditch all metal on my face (glasses, check. Braces, soon!) I might look 16, and maybe feel it? Being eternally 12 both in looks and mental state is really getting old.

When in Paris....

As a blog connoisseur and Pinterest pro (self-proclaimed, but that's besides the point.) I know my way around a macaroon. Besides the fact that they are incredibly photogenic (exhibit a HERE.), they come in a variety of colors, which obviously is they way to a girls heart. And any good girl knows that the best Macaroons come from Paris and the best macaroons in Paris come from Laduree. So to Laduree we went!

▲▲ For future reference (hopefully this information will be handy to you or I one day!) skip the Champs-Élysées  Laduree (Don't skip Champs-Elysees! Its nice to hear some English while in Paris and that's the place to get your fix) and go to the Rue Royale shop for a bit calmer (and brighter?) macaroon experience!

▲▲ The best part about Paris was all the stupid things I did for photos! Seriously, I didn't even eat a macaroon till we got HOME, in order to make sure I had a "just right" photo. Still cracks me up, but hey! You only get Laduree once. Wink.

Can we all agree that macaroons are the prettiest? Yes? Amen. 

And 10 things for Monday....

It has come to my attention that it's been many moons since I gave you purely random information about myself. How did you make it this far?? I'm so sorry! Let this post be a remedy for the very unfortunate situation that we find ourselves in.

1. SLEEP COMPLEX. I absolutely hate sleeping. It's scary how little sleep I can live off of.

2.  CHOCOLATE CHIPS. Those of you who know me well, know that chocolate chips (5, no more or no less) are always to be had after any meal. The way to my heart is through chocolate chips, I guess! Lovers and friends, take note.

3. SYNETHESIA  This is actually new information, listen up kids! I have a "disorder" called synethesia. Which is really confusing to explain, but basically colors and letters and numbers all mix for me. It's quite fun, from my point of things. Wikipedia calls it a "neurological phenomenon." That explains a lot.

4. MY GUILTY PLEASURE? Easy, mascara. My poor lashes know nothing other than layers of mascara, photo above is exhibit a.

5.  EXTROVERT OR NOT? I'm an extrovert all right, just a realllly lazy one. Also obsessed with personality types and analyzing the personalities of everyone I meet. (So be warned, I have wondered about your personality type while I lay in bed at night. It's a given.)

6. MORE  JANE AUSTEN, PLEASE. There is something great to be said about a Jane Austen movie. I can't decide if it's the distinguished accents or the regency period clothes, but they get me every time.

7. ALWAYS THAT ONE the movie theater that you hate. It's always really awkward because I always give my opinion (loudly to the lucky person who has the pleasure of being with me) right when it's quiet. It's an unfortunate gift!

8. NKS TO YOU TOO! I have this really bad habit of saying thanks...but never enunciating.. So I say "nks" instead of thanks. And more often than not, it sounds like I'm sneezing, which is a really odd way to say thank you.

9. "DO YOU WORK HERE?" I don't know if I have a minimum wage look about me, but for years I keep getting mistaken as an employee. It even happened in the Lourve! A chic Parisian came and babbled a question to me, all the while I knew nothing of what she was saying. And my deer in the headlights look didn't convince her! Because she asked again in English!

10. I GUESS I LIKE TO CUDDLE. Because I've always got a blanket or a pillow or a towel on my lap. As I told Sarah, "Towels are my life!" and I guess there is no shame in wanting to be cozy!

Anyway, we can all breathe a little easier knowing more random facts about this Kryn! Remember the good old days of emailing tags around to our closest 40 friends? (And if we didn't, a curse would fall upon us and our house would burn down or something equally terrible, we'd run out of our favorite hot dog condiment.) Consider this post a modern, glorified version (without all the rainbow fonts, thank you very much.)

Just trying to make sure my house stays upright and that there is ketchup in the fridge. All in a days work! xoxo.


It's a funny thing, the whole song-nostalgia deal. The night before Paris, the night before the most incredible few days of my life, was a flurry of scarfs, tights and accordion music. I was dancing around my room, twirling in my new hat and dreaming of macaroons with music from Paris (ahem, youtube) as my soundtrack.

I had forgotten about my little escape until a month or so after Paris, and I remembered in Walmart (of all places!) Whilst searching for a birthday card (a fruitless search, as far as cards are related) I of course had to test every musical card ever created. But I found one, one with a Louis Armstrong song, a song I listened to the night before Paris, a song I heard multiple times while in Paris. And all those macaroon dreams and Paris butterflies came right back in an instant.

Thus, a play list! Because I read somewhere, that Paris is a state of mind! And nothing could be better than some nostalgic and perfectly Parisian music. So let's go to Paris for a moment, shall we?

It all started with a sappy movie....

It has been one of those weeks that has been essentially terrible. Not to say it isn't laced with wonderful things, but the general mood has been dreary. Of course, thanks to typical teenage raging hormones, everything seems worse. But I don't know, it's been one of those weeks where you just want to cry for no reason at all.

And so, I did.

At a friends no less. Without waterproof mascara, no less. I knew it would find a way out somehow, and apparent I just needed a hallmark movie to shove me along. I cried an ugly cry and I couldn't figure out why.

After my mascara had made it to my neck, I realized that it wasn't about the mom with cancer or the little girl whose house had just burned to the ground. It was about me and my life and everything that's been going on. And that my inner house was burning to the ground as well.

Yesterday our drama teacher asked us to look at the person next to us. Andrew and I raised our eyebrows and laughed a little. And then she said that we may not know what the other person is going through, that we'd never know by how they acted what they were struggling with. And I don't know whats really up in Andrews life, but heck, I know he as no idea whats going on in mine. Not to say something awful is brewing, I've just had a lot on my mental plate and in my heart.

Today I intend to watch another sappy movie and see if I can't get the rest out. Feel free to join me, as there will be plenty of chocolate involved in the heart healing process.

Above all else, GOD IS GOOD.

And all the time, He is good.

"Is your place a small place? Tend it with care; He set you there. Is your place a large place? Guard it with care! He set you there. Whatever your place, it is not yours alone, but His who set you there."