Three thoughts on creativity.

it can't be faked but it can be forced.

(This is my take on the ambiguity that is creativity. This is not scientific. Or backed up by astounding data. Just the thoughts of an 18 year old who enjoys coloring and baking cookies. And a few other things.)

I've always considered myself to be creative,  since the days of coloring books and massacred crayons to the present (still coloring, but now I use gel pens!) Being creative isn't always easy. Sometimes its frustrating and incredibly annoying and you just want to not care about every little minute detail,
but you can't. Because that's who you are. And gosh darn it, but I don't want to spend a second on this earth being anyone other than who I am supposed to be.

(Unless I have the option to be Beyonce)
(Pre-Lemonade Beyonce)

Life is busy. There are emails to be read (or ignored, your choice.) People demand your time and vice versa. There are grades to strive for and goals to be reached and when you're a creative kid, it can be seem like a waste time to make time for the things that fuel you. So, three tips! Some I've learned the hard way.

That sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it? (and not very lady like, sorry mom.) But in the process of being creative, no matter your craft, I believe a fair amount of crap is in order. You will make and make and it will be horrible. Don't stop there; Make and create some more and all of the sudden, it will be magic. I've never stumbled upon magic without a little crap first, it comes with the territory.

This is one I believe 100%. Even if you're busy and you physically don't have time to create, make sure you're consuming a fair amount of art daily. Consider it like calories, you need them in order to live. So eat your protein and drink your milk, artistically speaking. On busy days it could be a quick scroll through a curated feed or given more time, a documentary on your favorite artist. Visit museums, browse online galleries. Consume Art in all forms! And don't skimp on this one; none of that non fat nothingness for us.

Be patient with your artistic journey. It's great to set goals and even better to achieve them but sometimes life throws a wrench (or two) (or five) in our plans. And that's okay too. Relax, drink some tea and celebrate where you are and be encouraged by the possibility of where you will go. And then drink some more tea.

This post was brought to you by emotions, feels, finals procrastination and viewers like you. Thank you.

An anthem for April

Be intentional. With my time and my talents and my gifts and my shortcomings.
Create creativity....and Clean my room. Hang up the dresses, tidy the chocolate stash and create like crazy.
Hustle. Hustle hard and hustle fast, work smarter and harder.
Rest. When I'm finished, fully done and hey,  rest well.