Lepoard: From Loathe to Love.

I'm not sure if you're really supposed to take fashion cues from The Food Network, but I certainly did! Back in the good old days, a contestant on some cheesy food competition show traumatized Emily and I for life with her disturbing over use and abuse of leopard print. (#5 in our code of friendship, "NEVER wear leopard print"!)

It's taken me a little while (like, 5 years) to recover from the nightmare of Penny Dividi. I bought a leopard belt a few months ago and it was terrifying and freeing, all in one! And as my Christmas list wish seems to be brimming with leopard print... I kinda feel like I'm letting my 13 year old self down.

Fashion trends you've made peace with? Do tell!
ps: photos from my boyfriend pinterest, follow me there! 

Thank you to the Joe's and Rose's

Not to be redundant, but there's this one scene in You've Got Mail that perfectly describes today. It also, as a matter of fact, happens to be about Thanksgiving! But then again, when is You've Got Mail NOT appropriate? 

The scene I'm thinking of  is the one where Kathleen Kelly's credit card is causing all kinds of problems and unexpectedly Joe Fox (with the help of Rose! And Henry!) swoops in and saves the (Thanksgiving) day from disaster and doom. Because, that's just what Joe Fox does my friends.

And so on that same note, I'm thankful for the little, unexpected saviors that change my days from terrible to not so terrible. God has put people in my life who shine even brighter on my darkest days. Sometimes it's a close friend, sometimes it's a stranger. (Sometimes it's one of those people you only half-know and it's really awkward when you run into them in the grocery store). It's all so sudden (and in the oddest ways!). how God can stop me in my tracks and show me that things are not so bad after all.

Yes, I'm thankful for my house and my family and health and all that. But I'm also thankful for the unsung heroes, my Joe Foxes and my cashiers named Rose who come in all sorts of forms (special Chocolate, a good book, a nice complement, an extra hug at the just the right time... to name a few.) 

Sometimes it doesn't seem like I've got a lot of substantial things to give thanks for. (No 25 days of Gratefulness for me....or so I thought!) But somehow, all those Joe's and Roses add up faster than I can count and I realize, I've got a whole darn lot to praise Jesus for.

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours! Hope your day was brimming with pies of pumpkin and stuffing of stuff.

Now, It's your turn to say Happy Thanksgiving back....?

PS: Photo by Sarah. She's one of my Roses.

In the Life of a Kryn

It's been a funny few days here! First of all, I bit the bullet and colored my hair...and no one even noticed. I was going for subtle, and boy did I achieve it!

Then the puppy ran away which was traumatic/terrifying. The only way to comfort myself through the potential permanent loss of a puppy was, you guessed it, puppy shopping! I already had the next dog picked out when Bubbles showed back up at our doorstep. Those plans won't go to waste though. Filling the Havi-poo away for later.

The final one, is probably the weirdest. We randomly stumbled upon Dancing With The Stars...because I'm like mentally in a nursing home and I'm actually kind of, obsessed? I have the greatest urge to take ballroom lessons. Please, talk me out of this!

Anyway, that's what's been cooking in Kryn-land. Get your balloons ready cause my birthday is only a few days away!


Patience, friends!

Christmas music go date is set! Hold the carols, the high pitched children and the sugar cookies until November 25th, please and thank you!

Having a December birthday has taught me to respect the seasons, and also exhibit self control when it comes to things of a holiday nature. I have a natural instinct to avert my eyes from anything Christmasy (think pure thoughts, kids!) I mean, Thanksgiving would be really thankful if you didn't get too wrapped up in your Christmas lights before the big Turkey day!

My name is Thanksgiving, and I approve this message.

When is your Christmas festivities go day? September 1st? I need to find others who defend the pure innocence of Thanksgiving!

The ingredients, REVEALED.

It's very crucial, when discussing the important matters in life, to always equate everything (or as much as you can! we're only human!) to food. Preferably sweet food as in fattening as THE BEST KIND. Am I right, or am I right?

Metaphorically speaking, my blog is a delicious fluffy cake. One that needs replenishing and re touching and a few extra sprinkles every now and then! A good cake has all the right ingredients (imported chocolate, Mexican vanilla, organic eggs....yada yada) and a blog, is no different!

So here's the recipe, the list of ingredients that mix together to make my blog a wonderful pastry reality.

This blog was created by chocolate and is powered by pastries. 
(and a really big sweet tooth. But moving on....)

Bless the souls of those who read when I was still using my point and shoot. (That's you mom!) and also, bless the souls that still continue to read because Lord knows I have no idea what I'm doing still. I use the Canon T3 rebel, and it's served me wonderfully! (#fb to the first post with it!)

Last year I got my 50mm 1.4, and I love it. It's been a great starter lens, and I can't wait to expand my collection. It's a little pricey, but like most expensive things, it's worth every penny.

I use VSCO presets (I have the 2nd pack!) to edit my photos, and I use those presets through photoshop cs6. Also, these have peaked my interest! If you've got 'em, let me know if they're worth it!

 Scrollll way down (I know, normally you don't make it through one post!) and there's a link to the "shoppe" (ooh la la!) where I purchased the template from. It was $30 and makes me happy because a.) it's cute! b.) it doesn't look homemade. Which in the blog design business, homemade often looks deceptively homeless.

There you have it! If you've got any more questions, leave them below! And also, let's give a round of applause for my ever wonderful hand model, Sarah!

dessert photographer


I'm not sure if walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is bucket list worthy, but some Australian I follow on instagram mentioned wanting to do it and then I've always wondered if if I'd be missing out by not wanting too!

SO lets talk facts. The  Brooklyn Bridge is well, just a bridge. And the walking path is kinda small, especially when you've got close to the entire population of NYC crossing at once (or so it seems...). But you don't go to admire the woodwork or the pedestrians, as fabulous (read: bizzare) as their fashion choices might be.

When a walk across a bridge has views of  Empire State Building, Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty, well....

I guess that's something worthy of a bucket list.

A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, a check off the list.

And then the sun set behind the Statue of Liberty on the 25th day in October,

And God said that it was very good
(and I agreed.)

"The city seen from the Brooklyn Bridge
 is always the city seen for the first time,
 in its first wild promise of all the
 mystery and beauty in the world.” 

A BAEtiful day

Documenting that one time Angie 
and I went to H&M on opening day, 
(gigantic)  school backpacks in tow 
and wound up getting raised eyebrows
 from the security guards and free
 journals from the cashiers
(all to the beat of Mr. Worldwide).

That my friends, is how you do a 
successful Thursday after school.

Well, that was interesting.

Each season of volleyball, I learn something news.

And ironically, that something is NEVER about volleyball.

The fist year I learned about Christ,
The second year I learned about myself,
This year, I learned about people.

Halfway through the season, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The game isn't what's important, the passing the setting the (attempted) spiking. I'm fairly positive that 30 years from now I'll forget that one amazing save, or that (very!) rare time we all actually did the ace cheer.

But, I know I won't forget the girls I played with.

That put it into perspective for me. Its not about the game happening on the court, it's about the girls playing the game. And in my case, it's a relief to know the stats will eventually be forgotten, but how we treat others? Not so! We're stuck with that for record for all of eternity.

Moral of the story: Play with Grace, Play for God.

Also, shout out to my JV baes, because lets face it! I'm JV at heart!

ONE: 3 teams this year = happy homeschoolers!
TWO: Abberdoodle, my true love!
THREE:  In which Jessie and Jackie flaunt their long arms
FOUR: The best part of the game: when it's over!
FIVE: My BCDS girl. Benji approves. 
SIX: In team photos, it only matters if you look good!
 Am I right, or am I right?

12/35 (I haven't died yet!)


I don't love the stress or the crazy Wednesday nights or the constant feeling of  "I should be doing homework!" but other than that, I want to kiss it and marry it.

That's a strong way of saying, I love it.

We've now incorporated a  run to 7-11 for donuts which I think now might just be the icing on the cake. I don't necessarily love reading 100 pages of boring books each week, but I love the sense of satisfaction I get. I like saying I go to a school. I like having teachers other than my mom. I even get a small thrill from putting on the uniform....I've never loved khaki so much in my life!

Now if I can only get Sarah to do it next year... lets start a petition!


Due to a little interuption of blog flow thanks to my novelette, these are going up AFTER halloween! Is it like a sin or something to post pumpkin patch photos after Halloween? If so, I'm a definite heathen because look at this post!

Sarah and I literally began planning this the first day of October. Every day texting back in forth about poses and pumpkin sizes and outfit choices. And then the day came, in which we were to go to the pumpkin patch! We rounded the corner to be met with a field full of pumpkins....and a lot of unexpected anxiety!

Continuing on with the theme of my sinful ways, I lied to the sweet pumpkin patch guy! "It's a school project!" I told him. He fell for it!! Or at least, he didn't let on that he could see through our shenanigans, which is basically the same kind of thing.