Only been waiting 1,825 days for this....


AH! What an amazing day for mankind...or at least me anyway! Do you know how exciting it is to have teeth again!?!?!

I am mentally debating whether I should finish this post in caps lock because that's how excited I am. Anyway! Most of my friends have only known me with braces and heck, even I don't remember what I looked like before braces. So it's really a glorious thing to have teeth AGAIN.

Moral of the story: I can't stop smiling!

LINKS TO LOVE (or at least, to look at.)

Alrighty! Over the past few months I've been compiling some links to things, things that I loooove. And it's getting to the point where I've got like 30 tabs open. Tabs that I can't delete because, they've been there for 3 months, so why bother?! Tabs that I should probably hug goodbye (as best as I can, since they're tabs and I'm a human...duh.) and close and move on from...but no. So I thought, a blog post!

All things lead to a blog post, 'tis the way of a bloggers life. You get used to it after a while.

Enjoy my favorite links, and be sure to share what you've been LOOOOOVING. (I only care about the highest forms of love. If it isn't caps lock love, I don't want to hear about it.)

- Men's Illustraied Guide to Buying Flowers. (so true, and so funny.)

-If you happen to have $250 lying around (who doesn't'!?! me, for one.) then you can buy me this shirt and I wouldn't be mad.

- These honest trailers...a nice way to waste an afternoon...or two.

-Future house checklist: this doormat. 

-This J.Crew video only deepens my love for pink, Italy and of course, J.Crew.

-Speaking of my favorite store...THESE SHOES OH MAH GOSH. 

- I just literally want to live in this photo. (not that it's even possible, but a girl can dream.) 

A day at the Vatican!

Our final day in Rome (and Italy, for that matter!) We toured Vatican City! Which is cool because it's technically another country so if you're all nerdy about countries and things then you should be very excited about that.

So in other words, I was excited!

Actually, what I remember most vividly about the day is sneezing about 190200 one hour. Seriously, some weirdo cold just come out of nowhere and attacked me that day. Oh! I also remember 552 steps up to the top of St. Peters Basilica. But it was so worth the climb, because the view of Rome was unreal and also, we got to watch a wedding proposal. (my dad played photographer! we're still waiting for our wedding invite though.)

Sorry these are so out of order! But in the spirit of this annoying yet slightly endearing add on ALL the videos I watch on youtube, sorry not sorry.


In some random conversation, it was discovered that Lisa (the German exchange student!)  had never had a true donut! (and we mean true as in full fat WITH sprinkles.) Obviously we had to remedy the situation, so we made a day out of it and invaded our Krispy Kreme for a while to get our donut fix.

And now I give you the most documented bite in history...
▲▲ I'm not sure if she liked them or not. I mean, she only ate like 3!

I guess we will have to go back to find out for sure!

▲▲ These kids are the absolute sweetest humans EVER. And also let me say this, the light in said donut shops was reallllly nice. Some of my most favorite photos ever.

▲▲ And last but not least, an awkward family photo! A few weeks back our youth group was helping at some inner city camp thing (I'm aware that I have a knack for terrible descriptions, but hear me out.) I was hugging Landon (our favorite 11 year old!) and one of the girls at the camp ran up to me and shouted "IS THAT YOUR SON?!" ......awkward. And since I can't raise a child alone, I enlisted all my friends to be godmothers and they take their parental roles VERY seriously.

Anyway, it was such a good donut extravaganza. Cheers for Lisa's first (3) donut(s)! and for new friends and old ones and hey, I'm a mom now!

....still awkward.


It's July 15th? It's already July? IT'S ALREADY 2014?

Basically how I'm feeling lately!

I can't really write anything without saying how good God is. How faithful he is. I keep a journal for a variety of reasons, but one of the most impactful is that I see my prayers (and pleading and general whinny requests) be answered in ways I never imagined.

God doesn't owe us anything-

yet in His grace, He still gives us good things.

▲▲ I've been spending A LOT of time at my friend Kelsea's and she just happened to get a new puppy (perfect timing, I'd say!) And so at 10 pm on a Monday we had a little photo shoot celebrating the love shared between Harper and I!

▲▲ This is Lisa everyone! Lisa is especially cool....and she's also German!! And I guess if I can't travel this summer, talking to a foreigner will have to do. She totally thwarts any stereotypes I had about Germans (you know, all that Hitler stuff can cloud your vision!) She gets my jokes. She likes to travel. She's sweet, and then on top of that she's got an accent. What's not to love?

▲▲ You know that time where we got all dressed up to go to a different church to watch 2 friends get baptized and then we found out that it was the wrong Sunday? Well obviously we had to document it. DUH.

It's been a fabulous summer so far. I'm so, so, so grateful for these days and friends and never ending laughs I don't deserve.

Through the clouds of midnight, this bright promise shone: 'I will never leave you, never leave you alone.'" 

(help! I've fallen into pinterest quotes and I can't get up!)


A little macaron shop opened up in our dinky and equally dorky mall a few months ago. After trying macarons from Paris and NYC, I really didn't have any interest in cheap, Floridian macrons! (you can't blame me, can you?!)

But then dear Sarah invited me to go and I threw my prejudice out the window with an "oh why the heck not" and we found ourselves at the macaron shop in our dinky, dorky mall. And lo and behold, it had good macarons! actually, they were almost as good as my Paris macarons!

So moral of the story, Floridians can do a few things right! (just not the Hawaiian print shirts...we stink at fashion.)

ps: shout out to Sarah for her wizard hand model talents!


I tell you, there is nothing more depressing than a rainy 4th of July! Actually wait! The only thing more depressing than a rainy 4th is a rainy 4th with thunder and lighting . I mean, on the quintessential summer holiday, where picnics and sunscreen are required by unspoken law! Rain can really dampen the mood, if you know what I mean.

So on July 5th, the sparklers were lit. And on July 6th, a blog post was written!

I'm so glad I have my priorities straight.

As for the rest of you, hope your holiday was slightly less rainy and that you got your sparkler sparkle going ON the appropriate day. Or really either way, I hope you ate a hot dog in my honor!


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