A perfect pick

Confession Time: I'm kind of picky.

I generally prefer to think about it in a more positive way. I have unique taste, I know what I like (and honest about what I don't.) but the bottom line is basically that I'm picky about pretty things.

That being said, Agenda shopping is such a chore. But what a pretty one! It's a beautiful thing for your biggest decision to be: stripes or polka dots? Last year I was new to the colorful world of agendas but I'm tackling SENIOR YEAR in the same amount of style.

(That being said, sweatpants days are a given. Hopefully my agenda can make up for the lack of attractiveness.)
O K A Y    T H E   O P T I O N S !

Is there anything more Kryn than Pink Lemonade? No, not really.

Oh, how I love Ban.do!

I set my sights on the Ban.Do agenda a few months ago. Since setting foot (and nearly passing out) in the Ban.do pop up shop,  I've been stalking their website at much as you might expect a stalker to. BUUUUT....While aesthetically pleasing and overflowing with inspiration quotes
("Eat a whole pizza, I dare you." is exceptionally motivating.) I wasn't totally pleased. The paper quality is poor and it was just a BIT to big for me and the background is actually a little off white.

 (ocd much. picky much. HIGH EXPECTATIONS much. I digress.)

And so, I ended up with a Lilly again. Because I love Lilly. I love the size of their agendas and the cute prints and Jackie O wore Lilly so I feel her spirit with me as I'm penciling in my scheduled pinterest sessions and tanning times.

(and like you know, all the classes I'm taking this fall.)

Many thanks to Tubs for helping and in general being my best friend. Are you picking out an Agenda for the school year? For the sake of your family and friends (four legged variety included), I highly suggest not being quite as selective (not picky, see what I did there!) as I can be.



DISCLAIMER: It's summer and I have nothing better to do
(reality: It's summer and I allow myself to avoid anything productive. Carry on.)

Do you sometimes go on Pinterest? Do you sometimes go on Pinterest and pin a lot of things? And then, maybe, do you sometimes go on Pinterest and pin a bunch of things and then notice that those things all look the same?

I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

My style board is full of denim and white.....which is Ironic because I can't stand to wear jeans and I actually don't own a white shirt that can be worn without 15 camis (hashtag team no sheer). So this entire collection of outfits that i've pinned, saved and now posted is actually something that I'll never wear.

Then again, it's summer! So why get dressed when you can just pin things and plan your imaginary wardrobe?

{find me on pinterest to see more outfits I'll never wear, recipes I'll never cook and artistic photos I'll never be creative enough to take}

But the chocolate was good...

Our time in Germany was...interesting, to say the least. It was at that point in the trip where we were exhausted and had been on enough public transportation systems to catch every kind of European Cold that ever existed. And it's also kind of challenging to buy cold medicine when you can't read the label. Heck, German is was starting to look like Japanese or something! (Germanese, let's get it trending!)

We ended up not getting medicine and instead roughing it in the rainy town of Hamburg. Basically all we did was eat (Frau Moller was DELISH but be prepared to wait a few hours or a few days, in our case. Also on their website, they wish you Happy New Year! I do too.) and look at trains (Miniatur Wunderland was weirdly bizarre but fun- but I have ZERO photos. So take my word for it!) and sleep (Hotel Wedina was one of the nicest of our entire trip, German Breakfasts are unreal and the first photo proves it.)

All in all, it was good. But I was really happy to head home...to Paris. ;)


K as of Now.

Because who doesn't love a little self documentation?
(aka: things you make while watching nextflix on a sunday night.)

Hotel de Ville

One day I stopped sneezing long enough to walk across the river to Hotel De Ville.
Not much more than a pretty place to take photos but hey, sometimes that's all a girl needs.

(that and like 20 boxes of tissues and 3 bottles of nyquil and an adequate supply of pillows.)

But other than that!

When your blog is a virtual scrapbook.


You know, for the sake of memories and the camera roll. But mostly because I have zero storage and I really want to download candy crush.

Do what you gotta do!

Life has been pretty, yeah, lately. Do you know that it's actually hard to go away for a month? It's not all sunshine and cupcakes. Getting back into the social scene has been a little harder than I expected. But that's okay, you know. I've got more time for blogging and editing and netflix and muffin baking. It's not all bad! But I miss going to chick fila 7 times a week.

And for the FIRST TIME this post has been condensed. Only because I wasn't sure how many grainy phone photos you could handle! If you can stomach them (and my face in every one!) then click the link below....and if you can't then well, I'll pray for you. ;)

(JK I GET IT. There's a reason I wish I looked like Blake Livley.)


I woke up yesterday morning at 9:30. I checked Instagram. I pinned puppy photos on Pinterest. I ate breakfast (which included 3 different forms of chocolate) and watched Sponge Bob. Then I didn't brush my hair or put makeup on and I certainly didn't bother to change out of my pajamas.


Since I spent the first 5 weeks of my summer traveling, yesterday was my first official lazy summer day and wow. I'm never going back to school or getting a job or having a life. I'll be by the pool till I'm 90 if you need me.

In the spirit of summer, sweat and swimming, I decided to reincarnate the summer list. If I do decide to go back to school (or if my mom makes me. Darn!) then that means I've only got one month left to eat popsicles and do nothing all day.

Talk about a packed schedule.

So here's the list. It involves food and hopefully a tan. If not, there's always photoshop.

What's on your SUMMAH LIST BABY? I also forgot to add eat creamsicle popsicles but I have a strong feeling those will end up happening no matter what. But just in case!

and for a holy cannoli throwback which I am alllll about these days:
{2012 goals} {2013 goals} {2014 goals}

12:01 AM, JUNE 21ST 2015


It wasn't a total Cinderella moment. Jeans and Sandals could hardly compete with a gown and glass slippers! We forgot a wine opener and cups but only managed to borrow one of the necessary items.

But then again.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be spending the first moments of summer with rose in hand and the shimmering Eiffel Tower before me.

YES YOU GUYS THE WINE WAS GOOD!!  No I didn't get drunk, though I was convinced the 5 sips I took were enough. And Don't worry (mom and grandma and baptist friends), I won't be sneaking wine here in America but when you're in a grocery store in Paris and you find a 2.99 bottle and you consider buying it... your answer should always be,  HECK YES.

All about (that) Amsterdam,

Categorize this one under "Note to Self". I really had a truly wonderful time in Amsterdam (which is why I CONTINUE to post about it. #Amsterdamneverdies). And on that note, Dutch sounds eerily close to english. I'd be 2 minutes into eavesdropping on a stylish couple's conversation before I realized it wasn't even in my language. Not sure what that says about me but I figured it would be fun to laugh at in 20 years.

(the only reason I have a blog! Think of all the fun we will have at my blog reading party in 2035. Don't worry, everyone is invited.)

Note to self because: these places are cool and I'd like to go back.

Carry on!
KITCH KITCHEN (which has nothing to do with kitchens...):
 I seriously loved this place. It was filled with party supplies, piƱatas, picnic blankets and basically all those cute, candy colored things that you really DONT but yet somehow desperately need. (That's pretty much me in every store, but you get the idea.) I recommend sending the dudes you are traveling with somewhere else though because it's kind of a GIRLS ONLY store if you catch my drift.

Haarlem stole my heart for a variety of reasons but this place was one of them. You know cake is good and all but somehow cake in an aesthetically pleasing, Instagram worthy environment is at least 10 times better. I only took like 45 photos on this cafe run because you know, I try to be casual and blend in with the locals.

Mission accomplished.

Ironically enough, I didn't actually go into the museum. We walked in the store, wandered around a bit and then I took flower photos (again, ALL I did the entire trip) and then we proceeded to the cheese museum next door. Only later, after googling and such, did I realize we never made it INTO the Museum! So Well played Tulip Museum but next time I'm coming for ya.

There you go! How to not go into a museum and all that jazz.