4 seasons. 
72 games. 
80 million tears shed. 
2 permanently bruised knees and 
one heart full of love for these beautiful girls 
and this sport I am lucky enough to play.

"Heck Yes, Amen."

The thing about life is: IT GOES ON.

It really depends on the day, but that fact is either as annoying as ever or the only thing getting me through the day. I wish the good days could last forever and then some. But the bad days, the break down days and the drama days and the I have nothing to wear days...well I'm not too sad to see them go ;).

And so, life keeps going. And I'm grateful for it. Senior year (and just being seventeen in general) has been kind of a pain so far. But the sun rises and the sun sets and somehow in between I manage to consume chocolate, make friends and stumble through my final year of high school.

As beloved Ma Ingalls put it, "ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL."
And as I put it "HECK YES, AMEN".

(In 200 years, feel free to quote me on that.)

(lots of photos of my face and my friends lovely faces after the jump. Also, me wearing pants twice, which just proves how crazy life has been.)

(heck yes, amen)

Survival Essentials (senior year edition)

After 4 weeks of nothing but assignments, volleyball games and stress dreams, I finally decided to ignore my homework for a few hours and do my things. The things that make me happy and that don't involve wearing athletic clothing. I took photos of pointless things, I cooked my favorite dinner  and walked my puppy around the neighborhood.

It felt really, REALLY GOOD. Way better than reading 100 pages of Moby-Dick.

10 classes, Volleyball, Theater productions and just the general stress that comes from being a 17 year old girl has been a lot. But God is good and all is well and I ate bread today for the first time in three weeks so heck yes.

(in case you're wondering, this is the 2015 version of this post...a post that I published two months after I wrote it. #casual)

This book by Natalie Holbrook has been my procrastination method of choice. It's an easy afternoon read with just enough photos and doggone good puns. If you're in the mood for it, throw it into your amazon cart next time you order a months supply of crew socks or ramen noodles (or both!)

This Mexican blanket (which Ironically enough, I didn't buy in Mexico) is life. I walked across the street to the drugstore to buy it one day, wondering if it was worth the effort, the money and the awkward way I left in the middle of a birthday party. UPDATE: It's worth it. Tubby and I can both vouch for that.

A new to me makeup brand is ColourPop, with lipsticks only five dollars a tube! Needless to say, I stocked up. It's a good thing too, because sometimes the only way I can accomplish my least favorite subject is with a bold lip....it's girl logic ;)

And finally, the source of my joy and stamina...TEA WITH CAFFEINE! I take a cup of earl grey around 11 every night and it gets me till at least 2 am with no problems. Great for when the boys wanna chat ;)....and when you have 40 assignments due for class the next morning.

(mom, grandma: there are no boys. because boys are not nutella)

Tell me how you are friends! Tell me if your dying under a stack of textbooks or thriving. If you're thriving well, chances are, I hate you just a little. ;)