Talking to strangers isn't always socially acceptable. But sometimes you offer to go to church with a total stranger and that stranger ends up becoming your best friend.

Try this one at home, kids! (In the safest way possible, please and thanks.)

A mutual friend introduced us at a crappy country concert (so, a country concert?) the Saturday before school began. Standing in line waiting for wild boar tacos, Mallory mentioned that she didn't have anyone to go to church with. Despite the fact that I had just met her five minutes ago, didn't want to go to the church she was talking about, and already had plans to go with someone else, I offered to go with her. 

 The next morning I got into the car with a stranger but came home with one of the truest friends I've ever known.

I love how God works.

Coming to Texas was like starting from scratch. I didn't have a friend come with me, or even a friend-of-a-friend to latch onto for the initial immersion period. I literally didn't know a single soul. Many prayers were said over me for the Lord to bring someone into my life and though I prayed for that too, I set my expectations very low. I expected it to be painful and awful and lonely and hard.

And it was! But I didn't have to go through all of it alone. 

Because before school even started, God answered that prayer and gave me Mal.

From day one Mal has encouraged me, challenged me, laughed with me (also at me), not judged me for how much salt I put on my food and fully embraced my weird gum addiction. We've been to concerts, coffee shops, and Chipolte countless times together. She's heard my story, listens when I'm stressed and NEVER makes fun of me for taking 1720900 photos of everything I see.

Someone recently told me that they admired our friendship because they saw how well we love one another. And although I know I definitely miss the mark a lot, the friendship Mallory and I have is so special because it is so real. We've prayed together, cried together, been stressed together. Sometimes we've been angry, upset and hurt. But at the end of the day, we know that God is using our friendship to strengthen us, encourage one another and show people the love of Christ. 

Mallory has taught me that friendship isn't only about what you give and get. Friendship is about living out the love of Christ and giving God all the glory along the way.

Our friendship has taught me so much. First of all, I now know a lot about true Texas Tacos (Torchys forever!!) And secondly, through Mallory's example, I am learning what it's like to truly love someone as Christ does. I'm not perfect by any means, and I make a lot of mistakes but wow. Some days I can't get over how blessed I am to have a pal like Mal in my life.

And by some days, I mean every single day.

I sneeze, you sneeze!

Driving three hours to go to a museum about a food you don't even like may seem extra to you...but that was just another Tuesday for me.

I was sitting in English Class in October when Regan texted me in all caps with an extensive amount of exclamation points, telling me that the famous Museum of Ice Cream was coming to Miami over winter break. And since caps and exclamation marks are literally my love language, I was 100% on board. Also the entire museum is pink. Even if I was allergic to Ice Cream, I'd probably still go.

Regan and I actually both had the flu when the much anticipated day came, but that didn't stop us from having an amazing time and also taking eighteen thousand photos (Give or take. I'm bad at math.)

Hopefully this semester in English,  I'll get a text from her saying the Museum of Cake is coming to town! Because if there's one thing I love more than exclamation marks, pink and all caps conversations, it's probably a big slice of cake. 

Even though it was more of an "I sneeze, you sneeze" situation, our time at the Museum of Ice Cream was filled with sugar, tissues, and a whole lot of sprinkles. 


When they cancel school for the day at 8:20... but you're already in your 8am class.
 Even though I did live in Montana for a couple years, we never had the luxury of snow days because our school was um, in our house haha. So you can imagine how excited I was when the forecast predicted sheets of sleet and snow. The entire walk to class in sleeting hail I was praying that a.) I wouldn't slip and b.) that school would be cancelled for the day. And Jesus was listening! I wish he maybe would have anticipated the prayers so I could have stayed in bed all together but either way, we got my wish. A snow day! No school!

Honestly, I've seen better snow and if I'm REALLY being honest, I wouldn't have minded going to class anyway. But hey, now I can say that I've officially had my first snow day. And when I'm 80 years old, I'll be sure and exaggerate the details and say that I was walking uphill to class both ways through deep drifts of snow and my grandkids will no doubt be very impressed.

Or at least, they'd better pretend to be :)

(Mal and Haley were great sports in the snow. They were my first friends here and I'm happy we got to dance in the snow....i mean slip on ice, together!)

Books about Jesus that aren't the bible

When I began walking with the Lord, let it be known that I had NO IDEA what I was doing. Being raised in a Christian home didn't even truly prepare me for the what was to come. The beginning steps of my faith were so shaky and timid...not because I didn't trust but simply because, 
I didn't know where to start. 

Being a Christian is the best thing ever. But also, it's a little daunting. There's so much to learn, so much wisdom to glean and an endless amount of glory giving stories to be heard! And while I should preface this by saying that the bible is hands down the best place to start, there are other books that the Lord used to encourage me in my walk and help me to grow closer to him. Maybe you're unsure of your footing, like me. Maybe the endless amounts of christian books and blog posts seems daunting. I get it! But if you're like I was, a girl searching and yearning to fall even more in love with The God of the Universe, then you might like these books as well.

But like I said, the bible is always the best! :)))

(buy it here)
Read this book if: You want a new perspective on a classic bible story.

Read this book if: you need to hear an encouraging story about not fitting in at the world's table.

Read this book if: You have things in your life that you just can't seem to face. Even if you can't think of any giants at the moment, I promise that reading book will reveal a couple

Read this book if: You want more of God in your life and less of you

Read this book if: you're burnt out of school or tired of working and need a refresh and a new understanding of working in this world for the Lord.

(a great valentines day read ;) .... buy it here!)
Read this book: if you're single, married, dating or fully committed to carbs. Good for everyone!

(buy it here)
Read this book if: YOU WANT YOUR FAITH TO BE CHANGED. I read this book over spring break and you guys, it's insane. It gave me a total new outlook on God and who he really is. If you read any book from this post, PLEASE let it be this one. And if you're too cheap to buy it, lmk and I'll send you mine because it's that good.  

Winter Break

'Tis the season for a great compilation post!

It wouldn't be a true winter break without a lack of posts and then a post months later that's as long as a child's Christmas wish list. Due to the stress of finals, it hardly felt like Christmas until...after Christmas? It will definitely be an adjustment for the next couple years. Trying to cram in Christmas festivities while also cramming for finals doesn't really work out too well. Ho-Ho-Homework, but I digress.

Still, I had a magical winter break. And I got to wear a coat more than once! Firs time for everything.


Miss Mondrian

Nancy Drew and Steve Jobs had nothing in common until they became my style aspirations for 2017. The two made a fabulous couple and accompanied me through a lot of life changes. I moved to Texas. Studied Biology. Got hurt and heartbroken and heart flooded. Turned 20. My life is so very different from when I set out to dress like a 1940's detective mixed with an 80's nerd. Though the black turtlenecks and wool skirts still fit...the overall style seems less fitting now.

That being said, I love black turtlenecks! Heck, I'm wearing one right now. They're not going anywhere (except hopefully the washer?) this year. The shift in I felt in my style was mostly minuscule. Less frilly, more firm. Less passive, more pronounced. Less softness, more strength.

Enter: Miss Mondrian. 

I've always loved Piet Mondrian's prints (Heres one I saw in Amsterdam!) They're so simple, yet so thoughtful. The lines are clear, the colors are bold and very recognizable. It's easy to spot a Mondrian from a mile away because they all have such similar structures. Yet upon further investigation, each piece is extremely thoughtful and one of a kind. 

How does this translate to clothes, you might ask?

Statement colors. Straight cuts. Structure. Simplicity. And maybe some shoulder pads? But only time will tell.

Lines, Lashes, Lips and overall...LESS.
The Miss Mondrian starter pack also includes a makeup transformation as well. And mascara is 100% optional (bold red lips are definitely not though.) Like the Mondrian prints, its about creating a clean canvas and then adding small bursts of color without cluttering the canvas. 

I'm excited to implement Miss Mondrian. Since I'll never be Miss America and I'm still too young to audition for The Bachelor...this is the next best thing!


When I think about the difference between who God designed me to be and who I actually am…well that’s depressing. I know I’m not the only one, we all fall short everyday. We forget to call our mom back, ignore a red flag here or there, explode on a friend. Life on earth is a vicious cycle. 

Without Jesus, that is.

But in Him, there is so much freedom. Joy in circumstances that are anything but positive. 
There is space for growing into our calling and grace for when we fall short. 

I am starving to be all that Christ called me to be. Even if it hurts. Even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if it means laying down things that aren’t “necessarily” bad in pursuit of my God who is the epitome of goodness. I want to create art because I am made in the image of the holiest creator. I want to learn to love those around me because I am in love with the one who designed every emotion and feeling and thought. I want to taste the wild honey of the metaphorical promised land of who I am in Christ. 

Each day I make choices. Each choice has a flavor. I have tasted enough of the wild honey of God’s goodness to know consuming His love is supremely satisfying to the zest or aroma of anything here on earth. The sweetness of saying no to a movie and yes to reading the word. The delight of spending an hour in his presence, instead of scrolling through social media. The joy that comes from speaking words of compassion and kindness. 
2018 may not be a walk in the park. In fact, it might feel more like the walk to the promise land than anything else. But God has promised that His land for us is flowing with milk and honey. And each step in that direction, however uncharted or wild the path might seem, is closer to the honey that is the sweetness and goodness of the presence of God.


I'll be the first to admit that anxiety interferes with a lot of things I do. And also there's a lot of things I DON'T do because fear or nerves or overthinking or whatever lame excuse I manage to come up with. I hate that it dictates decisions, feelings, emotions and basically my life. This is the resolution I am most passionate about working on, because I am SICK OF IT.

DO // Opperation Christmas child!
Every year I swear I will drink more water, chew less gum and do operation christmas child. And while this year I'm not even going to bother with the first 2, I'm excited to finally, actually, after years of anticipation, actually follow through with operation Christmas child. 

WRITE // The Bible
I'll talk more about this, but I want to start writing out passages of the bible. Like chapters and books and all that Jazz. This is definitely a fluid process that I don't want to be too rigid about, but I'm excited. I love the bible! I love writing! And boy do I love any good excuse to go buy nice pens.

LEARN FROM // Find a creative mentor and a spiritual mentor
The more I learn...the more I learn how little I know. This is definitely something to pray about and be patient with, but I'm really hoping by the end of 2018 to have both a spiritual and creative mentor. I need accountability and guidance in both areas. Inspirational Pinterest quotes only can go so far!

REFINE //  brand/resume/portfolio
It might take 2000 years and an equal amount of money to get my domain name back, but this is the year to tackle all these details that I typically avoid like the plague. 

SHARE // My testimony and faith in general
Remember how fear holds me back from a lot of things? Sharing my faith and the testimony of what God has done in my life is one of those things. The Lord has really been putting this on my heart lately and I'm praying for opportunities and boldness in 2018.

CLOTHED IN // Capsule Wardrobe
I went to college and realized this: I wear the same 10 things. Sure I have cute dresses and skirts and flowy tops, but do I wear them? Ha! Hopefully completing a seasonal capsule wardrobe will help me a.)wear more of what I actually own b.)stop buying things because "I have nothing to wear" and c.)be more creative than leggings and a sweater. 

GET // Abs
Never have I ever had a fitness goal but boy, college can do things to you. And by do things I mean, make you really, really lazy. I'm not saying I want a six pack, but getting my abs back would be lovely! 

CREATE // Bullet journal
I'm terrible with details. And I don't love that. Because like it or not, the adult world is full of details. I've begun my bullet journal already and I'm excited to track everything and actually be organized with information that normally I approach with my classic "ignorance is bliss" mantra.

CONNECT // with more creatives!
Creativity is so important to me. And creative people are an important part of my creative journey. I have a couple in mind for coffee dates, hang outs and shoots. And a whole lot of instagram  posts! 

BECOME //  Ordained.
This is not clickbait. Last year my friend and I, both very single at the time, made a joke that our goal for the year was to kiss a boy. And then it happened for both of us and we were like, okay? this is a thing! So we decided in 2018 we can become ordained. Just in case someone needs a wedding real fast! But mostly it's just so we always have an interesting fact on hand for those dreaded icebreaker games. 

Shoot a stranger (with a camera), 5k on insta, visit Saside and Seattle, be about my fathers business, girls trip to waco, more fun makeup and earrings!


Let's eat.

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