Miss Mondrian

Nancy Drew and Steve Jobs had nothing in common until they became my style aspirations for 2017. The two made a fabulous couple and accompanied me through a lot of life changes. I moved to Texas. Studied Biology. Got hurt and heartbroken and heart flooded. Turned 20. My life is so very different from when I set out to dress like a 1940's detective mixed with an 80's nerd. Though the black turtlenecks and wool skirts still fit...the overall style seems less fitting now.

That being said, I love black turtlenecks! Heck, I'm wearing one right now. They're not going anywhere (except hopefully the washer?) this year. The shift in I felt in my style was mostly minuscule. Less frilly, more firm. Less passive, more pronounced. Less softness, more strength.

Enter: Miss Mondrian. 

I've always loved Piet Mondrian's prints (Heres one I saw in Amsterdam!) They're so simple, yet so thoughtful. The lines are clear, the colors are bold and very recognizable. It's easy to spot a Mondrian from a mile away because they all have such similar structures. Yet upon further investigation, each piece is extremely thoughtful and one of a kind. 

How does this translate to clothes, you might ask?

Statement colors. Straight cuts. Structure. Simplicity. And maybe some shoulder pads? But only time will tell.

Lines, Lashes, Lips and overall...LESS.
The Miss Mondrian starter pack also includes a makeup transformation as well. And mascara is 100% optional (bold red lips are definitely not though.) Like the Mondrian prints, its about creating a clean canvas and then adding small bursts of color without cluttering the canvas. 

I'm excited to implement Miss Mondrian. Since I'll never be Miss America and I'm still too young to audition for The Bachelor...this is the next best thing!


When I think about the difference between who God designed me to be and who I actually am…well that’s depressing. I know I’m not the only one, we all fall short everyday. We forget to call our mom back, ignore a red flag here or there, explode on a friend. Life on earth is a vicious cycle. 

Without Jesus, that is.

But in Him, there is so much freedom. Joy in circumstances that are anything but positive. 
There is space for growing into our calling and grace for when we fall short. 

I am starving to be all that Christ called me to be. Even if it hurts. Even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if it means laying down things that aren’t “necessarily” bad in pursuit of my God who is the epitome of goodness. I want to create art because I am made in the image of the holiest creator. I want to learn to love those around me because I am in love with the one who designed every emotion and feeling and thought. I want to taste the wild honey of the metaphorical promised land of who I am in Christ. 

Each day I make choices. Each choice has a flavor. I have tasted enough of the wild honey of God’s goodness to know consuming His love is supremely satisfying to the zest or aroma of anything here on earth. The sweetness of saying no to a movie and yes to reading the word. The delight of spending an hour in his presence, instead of scrolling through social media. The joy that comes from speaking words of compassion and kindness. 
2018 may not be a walk in the park. In fact, it might feel more like the walk to the promise land than anything else. But God has promised that His land for us is flowing with milk and honey. And each step in that direction, however uncharted or wild the path might seem, is closer to the honey that is the sweetness and goodness of the presence of God.


I'll be the first to admit that anxiety interferes with a lot of things I do. And also there's a lot of things I DON'T do because fear or nerves or overthinking or whatever lame excuse I manage to come up with. I hate that it dictates decisions, feelings, emotions and basically my life. This is the resolution I am most passionate about working on, because I am SICK OF IT.

DO // Opperation Christmas child!
Every year I swear I will drink more water, chew less gum and do operation christmas child. And while this year I'm not even going to bother with the first 2, I'm excited to finally, actually, after years of anticipation, actually follow through with operation Christmas child. 

WRITE // The Bible
I'll talk more about this, but I want to start writing out passages of the bible. Like chapters and books and all that Jazz. This is definitely a fluid process that I don't want to be too rigid about, but I'm excited. I love the bible! I love writing! And boy do I love any good excuse to go buy nice pens.

LEARN FROM // Find a creative mentor and a spiritual mentor
The more I learn...the more I learn how little I know. This is definitely something to pray about and be patient with, but I'm really hoping by the end of 2018 to have both a spiritual and creative mentor. I need accountability and guidance in both areas. Inspirational Pinterest quotes only can go so far!

REFINE //  brand/resume/portfolio
It might take 2000 years and an equal amount of money to get my domain name back, but this is the year to tackle all these details that I typically avoid like the plague. 

SHARE // My testimony and faith in general
Remember how fear holds me back from a lot of things? Sharing my faith and the testimony of what God has done in my life is one of those things. The Lord has really been putting this on my heart lately and I'm praying for opportunities and boldness in 2018.

CLOTHED IN // Capsule Wardrobe
I went to college and realized this: I wear the same 10 things. Sure I have cute dresses and skirts and flowy tops, but do I wear them? Ha! Hopefully completing a seasonal capsule wardrobe will help me a.)wear more of what I actually own b.)stop buying things because "I have nothing to wear" and c.)be more creative than leggings and a sweater. 

GET // Abs
Never have I ever had a fitness goal but boy, college can do things to you. And by do things I mean, make you really, really lazy. I'm not saying I want a six pack, but getting my abs back would be lovely! 

CREATE // Bullet journal
I'm terrible with details. And I don't love that. Because like it or not, the adult world is full of details. I've begun my bullet journal already and I'm excited to track everything and actually be organized with information that normally I approach with my classic "ignorance is bliss" mantra.

CONNECT // with more creatives!
Creativity is so important to me. And creative people are an important part of my creative journey. I have a couple in mind for coffee dates, hang outs and shoots. And a whole lot of instagram  posts! 

BECOME //  Ordained.
This is not clickbait. Last year my friend and I, both very single at the time, made a joke that our goal for the year was to kiss a boy. And then it happened for both of us and we were like, okay? this is a thing! So we decided in 2018 we can become ordained. Just in case someone needs a wedding real fast! But mostly it's just so we always have an interesting fact on hand for those dreaded icebreaker games. 

Shoot a stranger (with a camera), 5k on insta, visit Saside and Seattle, be about my fathers business, girls trip to waco, more fun makeup and earrings!


Let's eat.

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in 2017 my heart broke, fell even more love with jesus, and also flooded!

That was fun.

Without a doubt, 2017 has been the best year of my life. And not just because I got a free backpack, but also because God brought me face to face with His grace all over again. I'll be honest, sometimes I didn't want it. More often than not, I wanted the easy way out, the quick fix. A bandaid, and preferably a cute one, to patch everything up for the present time. Thankfully I'm not in control, and God isn't in the band aid business. And even though it hurt, it was a beautiful hurt. Ripping off a bandaid is never easy, but knowing that I would never again need the bandages that had once been my only source of protection was liberating. There is nothing more beautiful or painful or liberating than...removing bandages and exposing wounds?

how's that for a great mental picture?
you're welcome.

It's funny how our human bandaids fool us into thinking that we're healed and whole. As if a flimsy piece of fabric could ever fill a whole that only God was designed to fill! When Jesus comes and rips away our pathetic attempt at patching our puncture wounds, it's so different. The fit is just right. Seamless. Immaculate. As if that is how healing was always intended to feel. 

And who knows, but I think it was.

"Seeking you as a precious jewel, 
Lord to give up I'd be a fool."


A cool thing about growing up is an apparent need for less stuff. By this point, we've lived long enough to know what we need, what we don't, what we want and what is just plain pointless. That being said, I still have to talk myself out of buying the mini sized items that surround the checkout line at Sephora because if there is one thing I've learned it's that I have very minimal self control when it comes to corperate marketing strategies.

Old habits die hard! And travel sized stuff is just so cute! I digress.


You'll laugh and maybe cry but my favorite coffee is from WaWa...the gas station. I got into a wreck in the WaWa parking lot in January and idk, Im also a wreck when i don't get wawa coffee often. It's an odd dynamic but also only $1 per cup...so I manage ;)

FAVORITE PASTOR // John Mark Comer

Is it weird to say you're in love with a pastor...of a church you've never been to? Probably. That being said, I'm definitely in like with John Mark Comer, the pastor of Bridgetown Church in Portland Oregon. I started off the year by reading a couple of his books and they changed my faith radically. Since then I've listened to nearly all his teachings (which are available on the website) and if you ever need a dose of Godly wisdom, look no further than good old John Mark.


Guys. I love LANY. And I hate when other people say they love LANY because I know for a fact that no one loves their music as much as I do. Their songs feel like an extension of my soul, if I had any musical abilities or talents whatsoever, I'd make their music and sing their songs and write those same lyrics. However, since I have none of those talents, I'm grateful LANY exists because they do the work and I just get to enjoy it.

FAVORITE SKIRT // an $8 skirt from china (similar)

Halfway through the summer I placed an order on Shein.com. and even though I was slightly worried the site was a scam and that the clothing quality wouldn't be worth the hassle, I was very wrong. I got a lot of things (some of which I wore a lot, some of which didn't fit, and some of which were whatever) but the one purchase that I will forever praise the Lord for is this black denim skirt that I wear literally. every. day. It goes with everything, it's basically made of plastic so its oddly water/stain resistant and I can wear tights or bikini bottoms under it, depending on which state I'm in. Needless to say, I think I got my moneys worth out of it.

BEST LIPSTICK // Patina By Stila

(don't act like you didn't think this one was coming!) I didn't wear lipstick a lot this year but when I did, it was pretty much always Patina (looks great with the black skirt I also wore every day;)) The Formula lasts a very long time and the color was flattering no matter what hair color/shade of skin I was sporting.


Fine, I'll go ahead and say it: These are not the worst of the worst.

Mostly because I deleted those and unfortunately not because I became a model and now every photo taken of me is perfect. Normally I like my bloopers to be blackmail material quality but the battle between bloopers and hard-drive space was won by the pressing need for space on my computer. The casualties of that battle ended up being a couple of golden bloopers. Still though, I think these definitely suffice! 

I just know these also don't fully capture how ugly and unphotogenic I can truly be, so there're that. 
I guess that just means there's more to look forward to for next year?

Bloopesrs of bygone years....

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TWENTY IN TEXAS // weekend sweeter than sugar

If the calendar year is like a cake, then December is the frosting on top. And the only thing sweeter than a copious amounts of sugary frosting is friends who throw you a surprise party and give you copious amounts of said frosting! December 1st is always my favorite day of the year because it always puts everything back into perspective for me and reminds me how blessed these years of my life have been. Life isn't always easy but there are so many people in my life that make each day so much sweeter. Turning 20 in Texas reminded me of just that. 

My dear sweet human Mallory threw me a surprise party. And by surprise I mean, she accidentally told me about it the day before and then made me walk in twice because she forgot to film it but either way, what a win. What did surprise me (actually) was how freaking thoughtful every detail was. Apples because I eat like 16189 a day, frosting because theres nothing gluten free in the bakery so that's all I can eat, pink everything because duh and LANY was playing in the background because nothing describes my life more than those lyrics.

Every detail was so thoughtful and wow. I could cry just thinking about it!

"Because Diet Coke with Lime is your favorite!"
On my actual birthday I wore my favorite little plaid pants and even though I had classes all day, it was so fun. After class we had a little photoshoot then hit the road because what place is there to spend your 20th birthday other than Lubbock, Texas?

Our time at Tech began with some technical difficulties for me, but the next day I went to Sugar Browns for a couple hours to do homework and it was definitely a good decision. Never in my life did I think I'd spend the day after my 20th birthday in a random coffee shop in a random town in Texas, but I love how life works. You know what else I loved? The acai bowl I inhaled SO quickly that I forgot to take a photo.  

(Mallory, Mallory, Me and Sarah. Apparently homeschool girls don't know to wear black.)
The actual real reason we went to Lubbock was to attend a formal for a fraternity that we are definitely not apart of (because uh, we're girls?) at a school of which we most certainly do not attend (because uh, we go to ACU?) either.

Our dates were super fun and absolutely precious.  And considering that we met them 5 minutes before walking into the formal, I think the entire night went very well and definitely wasn't as awkward as we anticipated.

(Unfortunately our dancing was just as awkward as we expected.)
The next morning we went to church, ate the most amazing taco's our life and frolicked around downtown Lubbock which is actually pretty dang cute. Plus I found a pink house! What more could I want in life/for my birthday weekend celebration?

A week before I turned 20, I was terrified. Today, I'm thankful because through another year of life I have learned that The Lord can provide in ways we never expected. He has given me amazing friends, a wonderful time in Texas and He went above and beyond and blessed me with everything from the acai to the pink house on Broadway.


Birthdays past...

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turning the page to twenty

Twenty. Such a small word but yet it has such a powerful impact on my feelings of youth and childhood and bliss. Twenty seems like the age in life where you find out how cruel and ruthless the real world is. It's like finding out Santa doesn't exist. The magic of adulthood you thought was just around the corner turns out to be nothing more than a figment of your idyllic imagination.

And on that note, I turn twenty tomorrow.

Twenty seems neat and tidy on paper. Ducks all in a row, resume polished and your wardrobe suddenly becomes peppered with blazers and poplin shirts. Except in reality? I still can't decide what to order at Chick-Fil-A and my favorite jacket this season is a furry coat...from the kids section. 

It gives me the chills to think about everything that could happen in the next 10 years. A college degree? A husband? Children? A stable job? The ability to answer the phone without anxiety? Who knows what lies ahead in this next decade. I wonder how many times my heart will be broken, how many friendships I'll have to mend, and how much money I'll spend on coffee in the next ten years. Probably a lot more than that hypothetical stable job can afford.

I am thankful I won't be alone. Christ is guiding this expedition. He's teaching me that it takes bravery to take steps, but also an equal amount of fortitude to stay fixed in a solid foundation. It takes guts to grow, and guts to stay. In my head the 20's are about reaping the harvest but in reality, I've only begun to sow. My life, which has the potential to grow into a beautiful, willowy flower, is a mere seed  at this stage. Wherever He plants me, I can trust that it is the soil He made me for. 

Here's to a blooming in a garden of Christ's incandescent happiness. And here's to growing through a lot of dirt first.