This show was layers upon layers of stress. First there was the fact that I didn't get a great part, because I was too tall! Which is a funny thing, but then again, so is all of life. Then half of my 10 lines were cut and my solo was stripped from my fingertips. Alas, the sadness! My costume never fit right and in-between every scene of every single one of the seven shows was a frantic dash to fix the crinoline and adjust the safety pins.

And finally.

The day I pulled into the parking lot for the final performance, the end so plainly in sight....I backed into a trailer. Which didn't seem too terrible until I pulled forward,

And my bumper didn't come with me.

Of course, at the end of the day (or semester at least) I'm glad I did it. Character building through and through, you know! But I ended up meeting a great vocal coach who I love and my singing has improved 1000x because of it and I had the opportunity to spend intentional time with younger girls and I DIDNT EVEN GET SICK!!!! So God is good.

Praying for wisdom on how to break the news about the car.

Bless your beautiful pie!
and to all a good night.


I was in the bathroom trying to make sense of the 11 pairs of tights I had brought with me (grey, dark grey, heather, black or polka dot? Too many decisions.) when a lady came up and asked if we were part of a school or organization. I told her I had just invited some friends to come skating. 

"Wow. You have A LOT of friends." and then she slammed the door and left me and my tights to ourselves. 

She's right, I do! I'm very blessed through and through to have a group of kids and now, adults ;) to encourage me, annoy me, quiz me on the boy I was with and protect me from bugs, creeps and oncoming traffic. 

Ice Skating on an 80 degree day is magical on many levels. Everyone is in a particularly good mood because they're not dying of sweat on a December day and then there is christmas music which basically prohibits any leftover chance of sadness. Last year was a surprise party for me, but this year it was just for fun, for everyone.

And for the record, I decided on heather grey. I thought you'd like to know.

Ice Skating is actually a terrible way to catch up with people if you happen to be terrible at ice skating. But none of my friends happen to be terrible? How did all these florida people end up being so good at ice related activities?? I guess it comes with the territory of having to survive 80 degree winters (as I have already mentioned once, which proves how challenging they can be.)

My little @jenncmayes never ceases to bring so much sunshine into my life. She was my first passenger and was with me when I wrecked my car (long, stupid story. we were all safe!) and also there for my exciting rendition of the Sugar Plum Dance in the popcorn aisle after Ice Skating (which I'm sure the security guards will enjoy replaying over and over again.)

 You know, I'll be honest, life has been really weird lately. There's been a lot that I can't write about, talk about, or even really like to think about. But  December 15th (thanks to good friends and winter coats and christmas music) felt just right, like life was returning to the normalcy I've been desperately missing...even if just for 3 hours.

Moral of the story: ALL IS GOOD IN THE HOOD.
Especially because I didn't fall flat on my face.

Season of Change (and a trip to Oxford Exchange)

Dear friends,
it is with equal parts sadness and excitement that I announce....I LIKE COFFEE. It's been an incredible journey for me. Through thick and thin, my friends have been an amazing support group. Encouraging me to finish every cup, say no to extra creamer and to try seasonal flavors. Also, thank you to Chickfila for providing free coffee for AN ENTIRE MONTH and not being upset when I went 4 times a day...for three weeks straight. I am so grateful for this process, it's been beautiful and messy and full of coffee stained clothing. But despite all that, it's worth it.


Because now I can go into cool coffee shops and actually order something.

I actually didn't order coffee, if I'm being honest. I ordered a pot of pumpkin spice tea and drank the whole. darn. thing. In under an hour, which was pretty impressive! However, I did steal a few...okay quite a few) sips of my friends coffee (both iced, hot, and London fog edition) and they were all amazing.


Love, Kryn.


Recently I had an Epiphany:
 I'm going to miss high school.

Which is stupid! Because High school is dumb and silly and just 4 years out of a lifetime. And on top of that, high school hasn't been anything like I expected it too, and I'm blaming 99% of that on High School Musical for setting wildly high expectations. There have been no choreographed dance numbers, no pizza dates on the balcony, no unexpected karaoke nights.

(and I'm STILL waiting for Zac Efron but alas.)

These past 4 years have been brutal and wonderful and painful and peaceful. Despite the drama, puberty and, you know, the actual school, I've settled into a rhythm. Its comfortable, familiar...and about to be taken away from me. I've grown to love high school more than I ever thought I could.
And the fact that graduation is approaching isn't really helping my unexpected attachment to these weird years.

So how are things? In the State of Kryn, land of chocolate and typos? Things are bittersweet. Sometimes really sweet, sometimes awful bitter. I'm working toward a balance, a milk chocolate middle of the road. But most days, it's one or the other and that's okay for now.

And so in closing, I would like to thank my own Troy Boltons and my own Wildcats for making these last 4 years memorable and full of dancing (though not pre-choreographed) and love (though it be only platonic....) and for giving me something that I really will miss.

Because wouldn't it be a shame if I didn't have anything to miss?

it was after all, A painfully beautiful Fall.

He's been good to me this year.

The thing about Florida, is that you miss the Fall. We miss seeing the trees catch fire and burn with color, intense reds and golds. And then, as the season draws to a close, the tree's slowly drop their colorful coat till there's nothing left but naked, bare branches.

(just a highly poetic review of how the season works, for those of you knew to this whole thing. You're welcome!)

My whole point in that grand illusion was that last year, I was breaking and decaying. Just like the leaves, I was dying.

And even so, He made it glorious.

Fall is more than just a season for nature, it can be a season for us too. I was and still am in a great and wonderful Fall. I am being stripped (ever had an eating disorder? Ever lost your best friend?) and yet still, somehow, it is dazzling and brilliant and positively radiant.

And the color that shines through me, pristine shades of red and those of gleaming amber?

That my friends, is the glory of Christ.

I had wrong. I had mistaken this all for a desolate Winter. But no, this was a Fall. A season of dying to self, of shedding earthly layers, of laying it all under His tree.

Part of me was dying.

The rest was being born again.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: 
a time to be born, and a time to die;
 a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; 
a time to kill, and a time to heal;
 a time to break down, and a time to build up; 
a time to weep, and a time to laugh; 
a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

Friends, are you going through a Fall? It's beautiful struggle, I promise.


4 seasons. 
72 games. 
80 million tears shed. 
2 permanently bruised knees and 
one heart full of love for these beautiful girls 
and this sport I am lucky enough to play.

"Heck Yes, Amen."

The thing about life is: IT GOES ON.

It really depends on the day, but that fact is either as annoying as ever or the only thing getting me through the day. I wish the good days could last forever and then some. But the bad days, the break down days and the drama days and the I have nothing to wear days...well I'm not too sad to see them go ;).

And so, life keeps going. And I'm grateful for it. Senior year (and just being seventeen in general) has been kind of a pain so far. But the sun rises and the sun sets and somehow in between I manage to consume chocolate, make friends and stumble through my final year of high school.

As beloved Ma Ingalls put it, "ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL."
And as I put it "HECK YES, AMEN".

(In 200 years, feel free to quote me on that.)

(lots of photos of my face and my friends lovely faces after the jump. Also, me wearing pants twice, which just proves how crazy life has been.)

(heck yes, amen)

Survival Essentials (senior year edition)

After 4 weeks of nothing but assignments, volleyball games and stress dreams, I finally decided to ignore my homework for a few hours and do my things. The things that make me happy and that don't involve wearing athletic clothing. I took photos of pointless things, I cooked my favorite dinner  and walked my puppy around the neighborhood.

It felt really, REALLY GOOD. Way better than reading 100 pages of Moby-Dick.

10 classes, Volleyball, Theater productions and just the general stress that comes from being a 17 year old girl has been a lot. But God is good and all is well and I ate bread today for the first time in three weeks so heck yes.

(in case you're wondering, this is the 2015 version of this post...a post that I published two months after I wrote it. #casual)

This book by Natalie Holbrook has been my procrastination method of choice. It's an easy afternoon read with just enough photos and doggone good puns. If you're in the mood for it, throw it into your amazon cart next time you order a months supply of crew socks or ramen noodles (or both!)

This Mexican blanket (which Ironically enough, I didn't buy in Mexico) is life. I walked across the street to the drugstore to buy it one day, wondering if it was worth the effort, the money and the awkward way I left in the middle of a birthday party. UPDATE: It's worth it. Tubby and I can both vouch for that.

A new to me makeup brand is ColourPop, with lipsticks only five dollars a tube! Needless to say, I stocked up. It's a good thing too, because sometimes the only way I can accomplish my least favorite subject is with a bold's girl logic ;)

And finally, the source of my joy and stamina...TEA WITH CAFFEINE! I take a cup of earl grey around 11 every night and it gets me till at least 2 am with no problems. Great for when the boys wanna chat ;)....and when you have 40 assignments due for class the next morning.

(mom, grandma: there are no boys. because boys are not nutella)

Tell me how you are friends! Tell me if your dying under a stack of textbooks or thriving. If you're thriving well, chances are, I hate you just a little. ;)

Europe Soundtrack.

Ironically enough, I heard nearly all these songs while in Europe. Don't be fooled by the romantic idea of accordion music or german polka! 99.9% of Europeans listen to American/English music. Which at first was kind of a let down because, how un exotic! On the other hand, hearing english while abroad is probably one of the most beautiful sounds EVER. It's a toss up.

Enjoy the tunes that got me through my makeup routine in Amsterdam, London, Germany and Paris!


and to less typos, more Jesus and an abundance of false lashes.


(translation: Kryn reporting from Versailles.)

Okay can we talk about the sad fact that life doesn't have a soundtrack? I for one know that my life would be infinitely more impressive it was accompanied by background music. Maybe the dishes wouldn't seem so boring and taking out the trash would be elevated FOR SURE.

All that to say, Versailles has background music. At the entrance of the gardens we were greeted by booming opera music which WAS AMAZING. Normally I'm more of a Nicki Manaj gal but when you're at a palace, opera is a good second choice. Exploring the gardens with classical music in the background made me feel like the main character in a Jane Austen movie....Minus the hot men. And the fancy dresses. And the servants!

But besides that, I was basically Elizabeth Bennet for 3 hours.

Here's the proof!

Dead ringer for Lizzy or no? Please say yes!

HAPPY THROWBACK. I've been back a whole month and haven't even finished Paris posts or began the London ones. At this rate, I'll be back in Paris before I finish.

Moral of the story? If you want to feel like Lizzy Bennet, tour a fancy palace and listen to opera music. Preferably at the same time! If not, you can live vicariously through this post. It's what I'll be doing 20 years from now.

The Circle of Life.

It was only a matter of time before something like this would happen....

My dog is yet again my best friend (and most willing model.) 

Grilled Cheese has been reinstated at the top of the food chain totem pole....

and Friday nights really ARE for Netflix again.

It's not really good or bad or sad or WIERD.  It's just life...

The circle of life.

You're watching Cartoon Youth Group

I grew up without TV! So imagine the joy of going to Grandmas (with a 60 inch flatscreen facing the kids bed) and watching cartoons all day long! Even though Pink Panther, The Jetsons, Flinstones and of COURSE SCOOBY DOO were my best friends as a child, I ended up not dressing up for Cartoon Night because I'm lazy.

I was also lazy and left my camera on autofocus all night which was more unfortunate than the lack of a costume.

We had Sponge Bob, Batman, Ninja Turtles, Peter Parker, Ariel, Care Bears, Jessie and Woody and a host of other animated beings make an appearance last week. I've decided that next cartoon night, I'm going as a Scooby snack! The boys won't be able to resist. 

PS: Tacky night photos HERE
PPS: My wonderful friends decided I needed swords in my bun. You know, to up the hashtagability or something. #bunsofswords