Blackberry Ice Cream

I know I talked about this yesterday, but since it was on my goals and summer list, I'd thought I'd share more. Feel free to forgo this post, if your heart desires. But I suggest you stick around for the recipe for this ice cream. Or at least where you can get it. I'm feeling lazy and don't want to type the whole thing.

Number one was to make ice cream. I'm sure you needed me to tell you that! I'm generally not one for ice cream. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But I'd rather have a baked good. So when I DO have ice cream, I have cookie dough or cake batter. I'm fairly predictable.

But! I totally switched it up and made blackberry.

And oh my goodness.

It will knock your socks off.

I got the recipe from this book, which happens to have an adorable cover which totally ups the awesomeness. I was seriously tempted by the salted caramel too. And the cookies and cream. Of course.

But the blackberry. It's sweet and delicious and a very lovely shade. That's part of why I made blackberry. The compote you put in tastes sooo good, I was having trouble not drinking it. Seriously, make this ice cream. Your life will be (almost) complete.

And good news, remember yesterday I said it was more soupy? Well, I actually didn't but it was. Over night, it hardened up and is REAL ice cream. I should have taken more pictures, it looks quite different than the soppy mess above. (soppy messes can still taste amazing mind you.)

Also, I added the follower bar to the side of my blog. I'd love it if you'd follow. But I'll love you if you don't.

Have you ever made ice cream?

Much love, Kryn.

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