Summer Syllabus because I pretend I'm fancy

Summer! Summer! I feel as though summer is a bit more nostalgic feeling that it actually ends up ever being. Like I imagine all these perfect, romantic sunset picnics while in reality it's more of a battle between you and misquotes, and the bug wins!

But for the record - I'm an optimist.....

In my dreams.

Like last Summer, a Summer list was in order. On a hardly related note, it needs a new name, "Summer List" is just as generic as the brands at walmart. But that's for later. For now I give you my list, for the sake of whatever.

Make Macaroons
(ironic combo, no?)
Visit a new state
Continue working on the splits
Internet free week
Concoct twisty lemonade
Got to the beach at least once
FACE the Library!
Get contacts
Buy a summer perfume.

Alright, that's done. Now, what's on your summer agenda? list? record? I totally just looked up synonyms for list and dun dun dun, syllabus! How fancy shmancy does a "Summer Syllabus" sound? You gotta admit, it's got a ring to it.

Summer Syllabus it is...of at least until I change my mind again, which will probably be in 20 seconds. Enjoy it while it lasts!


  1. I am so excited for summer! Your summer syllabus looks like so much fun. :)

    By the way...I love your room! Room tour post perhaps? ;)

  2. If It's ever clean, I'd love too!

  3. Love your summer syllabus. I'm itching to go to the beach. :) Puerto Rico? Fun!

  4. I did have buy summer scents on my list, but that got marked off today because I got Malibu Heat from bath and body works! It's glorious. You should get it too.

  5. haha - love these pictures. :)


PS: I love your comments. And you. And for that matter, chocolate milk too.