Three weeks ago I had jury duty. It was an early Monday morning, a 45 minute drive, pouring rain, getting lost in the parking lot, stressing over missing work and getting selected for a sensitive case kind of day. Lo and behold, I was picked and dubbed as juror #20. 

Coincidence? I think not.

I've been talking a lot and thinking a lot about turning TWENTY later this year. Sometimes that number scares me, other times it motivates me....but most of the time it makes me confused/concerned about the fact that I still order off the kids menu. However, if my time as juror #20 is any indication of how the beginning my twenties is going to go...I'll pass on that birthday, thank you very much! It took a lot of crying, nervous gum chewing and "yes, your honor" to get out of that courtroom. 

And so naturally, the first place I went after my emotional exit was, of course, target. And I bought this dress. And a can of soup. And a calendar.  But just so you know, I would never stoop to the level of emotional shopping! 


Hopefully I'll leave implus shopping in the dust with my teen years. But for now, I'm not 20 yet! So I'm going to enjoy it (and my new dress!) while it lasts!

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