I'm sure this has kept you up at night. You've been tossing and turning wondering, "What did she get on her French final?"

Or you didn't even know I was taking French! That's another very likely possibility.

I wrote about it in this post (and included some very favorite photos from The Paris Market in Downtown Savannah!) but basically, my grade sucked. And yes, we all get bad grades from time to time, save a select few of academic angels. But for some reason, this grade was especially disappointing to me, and I was probably a bit salty about the fact that I didn't fall into the academic angel category probably. At any rate, French was my least favorite topic. Yet the one I needed to study most for.

One day as I was studying (sort of) (mostly just dozing off) I had a weird thought "What if I actually get an A? If I do, I'll buy myself a nice lipstick." The thought was mildly motivating and kept me awake for another solid study session. But still, an A? That seemed pretty far fetched.

The thought of a lipstick at the end of the road was enough to motivate me slightly. But also I knew it wasn't a reality, so I wouldn't have to spend money on it at the end of the day. Kind of a win-win! Except a lipstick (and an A) would have been cool.

Directly after my exam I came home for bible study. I knew I had done okay on the test, but also knew I messed up a lot as well. We prayed, talked, potentially cried but I can't remember, watched the bachelor and I checked my grade.

For some perspective, the last test I got a 73.
Yet somehow on the final, I ended up with a 114. Bringing my grade from a C to an A! Also bringing my jaw to the floor.

My point in writing this post isn't to publicly celebrate my grade of flaunt my Phoenix abilities. I'd been discouraged about this class for months. I had mentally accepted the final B or C. Life would go on. God would still be in control. Really, it would all be fine.

But then God said, "Wait, I have something better in mind."

The beauty of this situation, and the life lesson I hope to learn and remember, is that God always waits till the right time to work. If he had given me a great grade from the get-go, I probably wouldn't have prayed as much. Had I started off with a higher standing in the class, I wouldn't have been humbly driven to my knees. He held out on me, until I was fully sold out for Him.

God want's our best days and our worst days. He loves us through bad grades and good grades and He will bless us when HE knows we are ready for it. Not when we think we deserve it.

This is just a small situation in life, but one where I saw God moving and working so clearly. And on that note, I know it won't be the last time God waits to bless me, even when it seems like its too late. It wont be the last time I see Him moving and working in my life. And while I've already forgotten every word of French, my hope is that I never forget what Christ has shown me through this situation.

Now obviously it's not really practical to put up a pillar of stones in my bedroom, but hey! This lipstick is my proverbial pillar of stones. So naturally, I had to go all out.

I ended up picking out a YSL lipstick. I mean, after passing french, a French lipstick brand seemed only fitting. After spending 14 years in Sephora going back and forth (cute or practical? Fun or extra wearable?) I settled on Smoking Plum, a rich purple with a glossy finish that I truly love/want to wear everyday. 

It sits on my vanity now. For one, the packaging is ridiculously pretty. And secondly, the price tag is high enough to quality this as not only a lipstick but also a piece of decor. And thirdly, every time I pass it or use it-the lipstick seems to say, "Hey, remember the time that God to bless you and you passed French? And not because you deserved it either, but because He is the epitome of goodness itself."

So yeah, I guess you could say it's my proverbial pillar of stones. In all honestly, it's a way better reminder of God's love than stones would be. I use lipstick everyday! And what else do I need daily?

To be reminded that God is in control and He will move when He is ready, not when it's easiest or most convenient for me. 

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