Such is life, Such is FRE2

I really should be studying for my French 2 final right now...but instead I'm posting about the Paris Market in Savanah! That's the same thing right? And since we are here and I'm avoiding my homework like the plague, let's chat about French 2. Grab yourself a café au lait, we might be here awhile.

I've wanted to take French since the dawn of time (or really, ever since my mom started saying  Ne touchez pas to us when we were kids.) French 1 was fine and dandy and FRE2 has been anything but that. Which honestly, isn't a huge deal. A perfect grade isn't necessary for my degree and at the end of the day, its fine. 

But at the same time, it's not. Because eight year old Kryn wanted to learn French, just like her mom. And twelve year old Kryn was obsessed with everything Parisian. When sixteen year old Kryn went to Paris, it was if the stars had truly aligned. And when seventeen year old Kryn lived in Paris for a month (!!!), French felt like my destiny.

So you can imagine that when I'm sitting in room 220 at the community college and confusing the passĂ© compose conjugations of etre, it feels like I'm letting each of them down just a little bit. 

But you know what they say,  "c'est la vie" (and FRE2)
Isn't this place just the cutest? And while it didn't inspire me to study my verbs or vocabulary list, it did remind me why I love Paris, and France and French food in general. Even though FRE2 wasn't exactly the whimsical experience I had envisioned since I was a little girl, it's been a good learning experience. 

And if I ever go back to France one day, at least I'll know how to ask where the bathrooms are. It's the important stuff kids.

While our trip to the Paris Market might have been more successful than my midterm, I still have hope that a.) I'll pass b.) I'll go back to France and actually use said French one day and 3.) that someone will invent gluten free croissants.

But in the mean time, back to the flash cards I go.
Like I said before,

(PARIS POSTS ANYONE? First time at Laduree. Proof that the Paris Market is legit. Day at Versailles and the First day of Summer in Paris.)

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