A St. Augustine summer

I talk about doing a lot of things. I talk about getting my ears pierced, deleting snapchat, ordering a pair of glasses that are actually the right prescription and so on. But rarely do I ever actually do those things. So you can see why we were especially proud of ourselves for actually following through on our grand ideas and making this adventure happen.

(we didn't plan on being chased by a boy on a bike but you know, what can you do.)

I was mostly excited for St. Augustine because The Bachelorette had been filmed there just a few weeks before. As we walked around Flagler College and the Lightner Museum, I felt it was my civil duty to remind everyone, very frequently, that we were walking where Jojo Fletcher had walked. 

But Sarah and Rachel don’t watch The Bachelorette because they’re actually accomplishing things with their lives. I tried not to judge but you know, it is the Bachelorette and all. 

(and even if you're not into walking on holy bachelorette ground, you should still go to the Lightner and Flagler because the architecture is stunning and museums are really good for face swaps.)

Our main objective of this trip, besides following in Jojo’s footsteps, was to take a lot of photos for instagram. And so you can bet that we stopped at every colored wall and photographed every flower we happened upon. It paid off too, this trip was almost two months ago and we are still posting photos from it. Nothing like a good stockpile of instagram posts through the proverbial winter (aka school, aka no time for anything but studying.)

Apparently popsicles are trendy? And so are hippos! Either way it was a good time and one dollar La Croix was involved.

We spent the majority of our meal eavesdropping on the table next to us (mostly because they were talking so loud that we couldn't hear anything else) and trying to casually wipe sweat from literally everywhere on our bodies because we can't navigate the streets of St. Augustine in scorching sunlight very well. All that to be said, we all enjoyed our food and appreciated the low lighting that made our sweat marks slightly less visible. #justgirlythings.

Though there were no Australian men, This place did have good coffee and good lighting and good gluten, or so my sources tell me. And my sources also tell me you should for sure buy a t-shirt because they're really comfy, but again, I'm just using secondhand sources.


Easily one of the best days of the summer. And for those of you curious, the boy on the bike had no chance in either kidnapping us or telling us our rendition of Summer Lovin' was impeccable. We never got to figure out his intentions because we were in a car, with the doors locked, going 40 mph. And he was on a bicycle. But hey, at least he tried! 

Just like I'm gonna try to be the next bachelorette. Wish me luck!

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